Kirk Cousins signs his franchise tag and will likely play for Washington in 2017

Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins signed his franchise tag on Friday morning, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The team placed the exclusive franchise tag on Cousins back on Feb. 28. It’s the second consecutive season the team has placed the tag on Cousins, meaning he will earn nearly $24 million in 2017.

It also virtually guarantees that Cousins will be playing for Washington this upcoming season, despite his earlier desire to go elsewhere:

Kirk Cousins appealed personally to owner Dan Snyder for a trade but was basically told not to get his hopes up, per sources.

A few notes about our top 100 list.

This list, as with any kind of rankings, is subjective. The SB Nation NFL staff worked together to create it. We put a great deal of thought into it, but you will inevitably disagree with it. That’s fine. Save your tweets. We know. This is merely a guide to help the world keep track of which free agents are signing where.

The final salary cap for 2017 has now been set at $167 million. That’s a jump of nearly $12 million over last year’s $155.7 million cap. That’s consistent with the annual bumps we’ve seen since the 2011 collective bargaining agreement went into effect.

We’ll keep this list updated with players who get cut as well as for who’s signing where and for how much. So keep checking back.

OK, enough of the blah blah blah. Let’s get to that list!

One fan says that he was struck by Thiago Motta. His agent denied that report and said that Motta reached out to the fan to get the story straight and make sure he wouldn’t press charges.


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Mark Ingram, Saints teammates turned away by London nightclub for being ¡®too urban¡¯

The biggest assets, though, might be up front. As with a lot of units last year, injury forced some shuffling on Rice’s offensive line, but the Owls bring back seven hosses with starting experience, including honorable-mention all-conference performers Calvin Anderson (left tackle) and Trey Martin (center) and two-year starting guard Peter Godber. There is meat here, too: the 12 linemen I list on Rice’s preview data page have an average size of 6’4, 306.

With a stable starting five, this could be an excellent line, and when you think about Stewart behind this line, you start to see big improvement in Rice’s future.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram claims he and three of his teammates were denied entry to a London nightclub Monday night because they were deemed to be ¡°too urban.¡±
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Ingram said he and a group that included Saints defensive backs Vonn Bell, B.W. Webb, Sterling Moore, and two others, had reservations at Cirque le Soir, but were turned away anyway.

The Saints are set to play the Miami Dolphins in London during the 2017 NFL season, and Ingram tweeted that the trip didn¡¯t ruin his excitement about eventually playing overseas. He also spent his Tuesday taking in the annual Royal Shrovetide Football match.
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Press Association Sport ¡ª a news agency in the United Kingdom ¡ª reached out to Cirque le Soir for comment, but hasn¡¯t yet received a response.

You might¡¯ve heard that the St. Louis Blues traded Kevin Shattenkirk to the Washington Capitals on Monday. It was kind of big news.

What you didn¡¯t hear was that the trade was absolutely bonkers complicated. I don¡¯t even care if that¡¯s a good grammatical sentence. My brain is broken after reading the conditions involved here.

Manziel was the 22nd pick in this year’s draft and was immediately viewed as the Browns’ future at quarterback

Authentic Youth Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey Several players in the Browns’ locker room said they were impressed by the rookie’s debut and even LeBron James threw his support behind Manziel last week.

Manziel was the 22nd pick in this year’s draft and was immediately viewed as the Browns’ future at quarterback. Cleveland traded the 26th pick and a third-round pick in order to move up and select the Heisman winner from Texas A&M. Now that Manziel’s earned his first start in the NFL, and amid reports that Hoyer won’t return to the Browns next season, it looks like the future is now.

Elite Cody Wallace Jersey Brandon Browner’s jarring hit on Ladarius Green, despite the fact it got called back, could be the kind of galvanizing play that raises the intensity of everyone in the group over the next three games. This type of physical play is exactly the reason that Bill Belichick took a chance on the free agent — his presence sets a tone.

Yes, Manziel will make some mistakes. He will probably pout some too, but that’s all OK. By the end of each game, I can almost guarantee you that, he will have been a net positive for his offense and his team regardless of the final score. The same can’t be said for Hoyer any longer, and that’s why his gig is up.

Maybe then an NFL team would give guys like Mixon a true second chance. By staying quiet and not inviting Mixon to the combine, the league is indicating to all 32 teams that they can draft Mixon but at their own peril, and they will receive no support from the league.

If they can remain consistent on that side of the ball, they can contend with anybody, in my opinion. The Ravens won convincingly in Miami, setting themselves up nicely for a shot at the AFC North crown, and of course, the Steelers dismantled the Bengals to put themselves right back in the hunt as well.

Harbaugh’s going to work around this as much as he can, including by taking Michigan to Rome this spring, before the ban is active.

Six free agents who could be overpriced this offseason

No general manager would say, “We prefer to build our team through veteran free agency,” but the first few weeks of the free agency period are still some of the most important on the NFL schedule. With a handful of moves — adding Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in 2014 and Damon Harrison, Janoris Jenkins and Olivier Vernon in 2016 — the New York Giants transformed themselves from divisional also-rans into playoff contenders. Kelechi Osemele turned a very good Raiders offensive line into the league’s second-best. Eric Weddle helped bring the Ravens to within a game of the playoffs.

“We’ll be able to practice that more. When he came in this year, everything was running parallel and real fast. He had to get up to speed with what we were doing, he had to quickly learn the players he was playing with. That connection between the quarterback and the skill players is extremely important, and that chemistry is built really in the offseason, when you get the chance to slow it down and run the individual routes that are within the concept, so he gets a feel for their body language and vice versa. That’s where you’re hopeful that you’re going to see a big jump in efficiency in terms of the passing game.”

Shurmur added that the Vikings were already installing some of his concepts before he took over at offensive coordinator, so this offseason will be more about “additions” than big scheme changes in his first full season in the gig.

The additions Minnesota really needs are along the offensive line. Yet with little salary-cap space, the prospect of adding good veteran blockers remains a faint hope for Vikings fans.

In the meantime, Shurmur will hope that rapport between Bradford, Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Kyle Rudolph, etc. continues to grow. Of course, if he’s on his back on every drop back again in 2017, all the chemistry in the world won’t save Minnesota’s offense.

How the Titans can turn their franchise around at the Combine

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We’re required to remind you that these strong takes are SATIRE. Sorry, not sorry. All spelling errors are intentional, we think. -Ed.

The Titans are in desperaton mode. They are the most irrelevant thing to happen in Tennessee since the invention of adult toothpaste, but forutnateley for them they have the ability to turn everything around and become a contender this week in Indianapolis.

Though his career will end in Washington, Clark had his most productive years with the Steelers, where he made six playoff appearances and won a Super Bowl in 2009. During that stint in Pittsburgh, he started 109 regular season games.

And considering the eight seasons they spent together, the ups, the downs, the things they said, the things they did, beef or no beef, there’s too much history to ignore. Durant called Westbrook his favorite teammate ever at the ESPYS in 2014. Durant selected Westbrook to induct him into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2016. Westbrook and Durant both repeatedly referred to the other as a “brother.” The list goes on. And on.

From a football standpoint, adding a player of Peterson’s caliber is a no-brainer for the Vikings. Second-year signal caller Teddy Bridgewater will need all the support he can get from his supporting cast and could benefit a great deal development-wise from a powerful running game.
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For now, both sides are in a holding pattern as Peterson awaits potential reinstatement. That date could come as soon as April 15, which would be over a month removed from the start of free agency, but still before the draft. The coaching staff has Peterson’s support, but when it comes to the organization as a whole, he has mixed feelings.

The Dodgers will again feature baseball’s highest payroll

The Dodgers’ staff has it all. There is star power in Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill and Kenley Jansen. There is tremendous upside in Julio Urias. There is a human filibuster in Pedro Baez. And there is depth galore with, by my count, at least 10 quality options to start games. That gives Dave Roberts the ability to manage his starters’ innings carefully and keep them primed for October. And all these hurlers will be working in front of an above-average defense.

The Dodgers will again feature baseball’s highest payroll. But the quality of what they ended up with almost justifies another quarter-of-a-billion-dollar expenditure. The offense should be above average, with a deep, well-balanced roster of position players. That group will be led by MVP candidate Corey Seager.

Game Kids Ted Hendricks Jersey Am I declaring the Dodgers the favorite in the NL? Not really. As strong as their projection is, it’s only a few runs better than the Cubs, and the gap isn’t large enough for me to declare Los Angles as a clear winner. Subjectively, it’s hard to pick against the Cubs, given the buffer they had on the rest of baseball in 2016. Still, if we end up with a Cubs-Dodgers rematch in the 2017 National League Championship Series, I won’t be at all surprised.

“Individual relationships are all really strong, and with that comes an open dialogue,” Hoyer said.

Manager Joe Maddon has been down this road before with marquee players and is keeping an open mind.

“It could be a positive for him and for us,” Maddon stated. “If you’re in that year, you want to put your best foot forward to attract the best contract the next season.”

Game Womens Stephen Gostkowski Jersey “It feels like only a few months ago that I was traded over here and starting my career as a Cub. I’ve had some incredible experiences with this organization. … I don’t want to see that time come to an end, but unfortunately the business side shows its head every once in a while.”