How you should feel about the NHL skipping the 2018 Winter Olympics

And yet, what happens if the NHL and IOC can’t find a good solution in 2022? Not having professional hockey players on the biggest stage in the world feels disingenuous to the sport and its growth. The NHL’s owners clearly don’t like having to be the only major North American professional sports league to stop their season — and their revenue — midseason. Players get injured and impact playoff rosters. The schedule is compacted.

Jimmy Smith Elite Jersey The best solution seems to be to take all that out of the equation by moving to the Summer Olympics. The NHL season can go on as scheduled and the owners can get paid. Players get injured, but attempting to play for the postseason instead. Teams get bye weeks that regulate the standings and don’t suffocate the schedule.

It would mean torpedoing the World Cup of Hockey, but considering the lack of casual fan interest and failure to bring in half its expected profits it might not be that hard of a decision to make.

Garrett Celek Elite Jersey But that’s still weird. Because football’s ideological war over the rightness or wrongness of technology may not quite be at the fevered pitch of Computer Nerds vs. The Barbarians, but it’s not far off.

Broadly speaking, those in favor point — with some justification — to the fact that being or assisting a referee is a monumentally difficult business. It requires an individual to make split second interpretations of complex rules while running around quite a lot. At higher levels, this is soundtracked by thousands of people loudly questioning their competence, their neutrality, and their parentage; at lower, it’s just the few hundred. And the players, either way.

Their supporting cast is quite talented

Get ready to hear the names of Mark Scheifele and Nikolaj Ehlers for a long time. The pair emerged this season as an offensive threat worthy of mention. Scheifele especially, who has 76 points in 73 games to lead the Jets offense as a 24-year-old.

Their supporting cast is quite talented, too, with the likes of Blake Wheeler, Dustin Byfuglien, Bryan Little, and Mathieu Perreault playing big parts in making the Jets offense the eighth-deadliest in the NHL this season.

Add some college hockey standouts in Andrew Copp and Kyle Connor to the mix, and Winnipeg’s offense has never been deeper in this incarnation of the franchise.

The slot WR on the line of scrimmage (second WR from the bottom) is ineligible to catch a pass (because the bottom WR is on the line; here’s more on that rule). This is a formation you run the ball out of, and OSU’s willingness to cancel out one of its WRs makes that fairly transparent, but the unbalanced design can make it hard for defenses to handle the run concepts. Oklahoma struggled all night with this set.

Indiana, on the other hand, tended to rely on normal spread formations, execution, and attacking the appropriate part of the field.

With “Fleck to [Insert P5 School]?” rumors taking up more and more oxygen, the Broncos remained focused and welcomed ESPN College GameDay to Kalamazoo. (The signs were good, too.) Their reward: a trip to the Cotton Bowl and a competitive loss to Wisconsin.

Fleck left. That’s what happens. He’s at Minnesota, though from an WMU perspective, all that matters is what’s next.

After taking a flyer on a relative unknown last time, the school elected to go with a familiar face. At least, to WMU fans.

David Ross did a ‘Magic Mike’ routine on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and Anthony Rizzo was scarred for life

Not all is lost, of course. Matz and Lugo could both be back after nothing more than rest and rehab. Blisters can be treated. It might turn out that Wheeler is feeling strong enough that he’s not severely limited innings wise. There are plenty of teams that would be happy to be forced into starting Gsellman. The concern is that New York’s strength for 2017 was a deep rotation, and now that is compromised. Things can go back to normal for them before too much of the season goes by, but this is baseball, and this is the Mets. Both tend to be unnecessarily cruel when it comes to injuries.

These are the lessons Grant Brisbee learned from Opening Day. Well, the Sunday version of Opening Day. Which is officially “Opening Night” according to MLB, even though only one of the three games happens at night. It wouldn’t be baseball if it wasn’t convoluted.
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Bryce Harper is 24 years old. Bryce Harper has five — five! — Opening Day home runs. He hit the latest of those on Monday to open the Nationals’ season.
I-85 collapsed less than a mile from Morgan Moriarty. Here’s her feature on that, as well as on the new Braves’ stadium.

John Carlson USA Youth Jersey That’s certainly not going to happen, but Phil’s pals may find themselves under a bit more scrutiny going forward.

“I feel like we’ve all kind of been a little lax at times in the markings of our golf ball, and I hate to see it cost somebody a major championship because of that,” said Mickelson. “But yet, I would like to see that type of nuance of the game improved on both tours, especially ours.”

He doesn’t know yet if that quarterback is in the 2017 NFL Draft

“Look, I’ve known him since he was a small boy,” said the manager. “I’ve watched him go through the ranks and if I thought that he was a dirty player, I would have never called him up. But this is just part of the game. He’s making tackles. That’s what players should do. We don’t want them to be soft. We want them to be passionate, to be tough, to go in 100 percent of the time. This is what Roy Keane would have done. If you want to say that he’s a dirty player because he’s broken a few legs, smashed a few noses, spat on one or two players, and shredded several ankle ligaments, then that’s up to you. But I know this boy, and I know he’s not that kind of player.”

Questioned on what the player would have to do to be labeled “that kind of player,” the manager responded that he didn’t know. “It’s hard to really gauge the intent behind a tackle. I guess he would actually have to kill someone on the field.”

He took a sip from his water bottle, cleared his throat and said: “It’s not like the player who had his leg broken was an angel either. He was asking for it.”
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But no matter who the 49ers peg as the future of the organization, Shanahan already knows exactly the type of personality he’s looking for.

“You have to live and die football,” Shanahan said. “Usually the guys who are successful are those guys who are obsessed with the game and it’s not just the coach telling them exactly what to do — it’s that they can’t enough of it and they want more and they live for it.”

Matt Garza Kids Jersey He doesn’t know yet if that quarterback is in the 2017 NFL Draft, but Shanahan is certainly looking.

Sean Payton is the Dr. Seuss of the NFL.

Limited Youth Perry Riley Jersey Offensive guards are typically not high-profile players, so you may have never heard of Larry Warford. The Saints signed the former Lions guard as a free agent this offseason, because Warford has the two qualities Sean Payton covets in interior linemen: ass and mass.

Excellent rhyming aside, the Saints will certainly hope that Warford’s ass and mass will equal kicking ass. New Orleans signed Warford to a four-year, $34 million contract with $17 million guaranteed.

It must work differently for quarterbacks. Jay Cutler clearly has the ass part under control, but remains on the market.
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Derek Carr, Quarterback, Fresno State: The Buccaneers may play themselves out of a high enough draft position to acquire a top-end quarterback prospect. If Tampa ends up doing so, Mike Glennon has probably performed well enough to get one more season as the Buccaneers quarterback. As it stands in this mock draft, Tampa is sitting at No. 5, and Derek Carr is on the board. Considering the strides Carr has made from his junior to his senior season, his physical tools should excite teams picking in the top 10. Depending on the new coaching staff, a certain firecracker quarterback from Texas A&M could be in play here as well.

Atlanta Falcons – Jadeveon Clowney, Defensive End, South Carolina: Not many people expected the Atlanta Falcons to be this low in the standings in November, but here they are. The silver lining to Atlanta’s disastrous 2017 season is the chance to land South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. The Falcons’ struggles have come from poor play on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Clowney, despite all the criticism he’s taken this season, is still the top prospect in this class and would provide an instant jolt to a dormant Falcons pass rush.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is still trying to recover from a nagging hamstring injury

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has a back injury but practiced on Thursday and is expected to play Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. Bryant has missed just one game since the start of the 2011 season. Fellow Cowboys receiver Miles Austin (hamstring) missed another practice and his status is uncertain for Sunday. Cornerback Morris Claiborne (hamstring) missed practice as well.

The Eagles got good news on Thursday with wide receiver Riley Cooper returning to practice after missing Wednesday with an illness, and he’s expected to play against the Packers on Sunday. All the better for quarterback Nick Foles if he wants to throw another seven touchdowns.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is still trying to recover from a nagging hamstring injury, and it will likely keep him out of action for another week, as he is officially listed as doubtful for the team’s Week 10 game against the Green Bay Packers. One week removed from Nick Foles tossing seven touchdown passes against the Oakland Raiders, Vick’s chances at starting for the Eagles were slim anyway, and it’s possible that he spends the season on the sideline, injured or not.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder left the team’s Thursday night victory over the Washington Redskins early with a non-throwing shoulder injury that was revealed to be a dislocation on Friday. Despite the injury, Ponder believes he’ll be able to play in the team’s Week 11 game against the Seattle Seahawks. Head coach Leslie Frazier was noncommittal about the possibility of Ponder returning so soon, but said that it was a possibility if the third-year quarterback could return to practice by Thursday. If not, the team will likely turn to Matt Cassel rather than Josh Freeman.

NFL free agency: Browns release QB Robert Griffin III

If recently acquired Brock Osweiler gets a shot to quarterback the Browns, he won’t be competing against Robert Griffin III.

The Browns released Griffin on Friday, ending his time in Cleveland after only one season.
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Also, he apparently has the capability to shoot the puck at the jumbotron and break it, as Arvidsson caused a slight delay during the first period between the Predators and the Flames.

If you’ve never picked one up, hockey pucks have got some real weight to them. The fact that Arvidsson was able to elevate the puck high enough to hit the jumbotron is quite incredible — and break it no less.
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The executives are confident there will be a fifth WBC, most likely in 2021 after baseball makes its return to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

I think when you have a tournament that gets the kind of traction that the 2017 edition did, it will make it easier to get players the next time around, Manfred said. Not only for the U.S., but for all the countries.

The raucous crowds of costumed American fans and singing Puerto Rican supporters in Los Angeles for the final belied the WBC’s biggest problem, one that hasn’t been completely solved.

While the WBC sells out stadiums, garners strong television ratings and sparks baseball curiosity from Tokyo to Tel Aviv, the event still is struggling to win over the U.S., which has hosted all four finals.

Two other safety-related rule proposals will be discussed next week: a Philadelphia Eagles proposal to reduce preseason and regular-season overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, and a prohibition of leaping over the line of scrimmage to block an extra point or field goal.

Texas A&M is Robert Williams is the first projected NBA draft lottery pick to return to school

Texas A&M is Robert Williams will reportedly bypass the NBA draft to turn return to school for his sophomore season, according to multiple reports. Williams was considered a potential top-10 draft pick. SB Nation had him at No. 13 overall in our mock draft this week.

Williams’ decision to return to school is reminiscent of Ivan Rabb is choice to go back to Cal last year. Rabb did not have the breakout sophomore season he was expecting but should still be a first-round pick in June is draft if he decides to declare.
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Williams averaged 11.9 points per game this season. Texas A&M finished 16-15 overall, and will hope to parlay Williams’ decision into a big season next year.

The Cleveland Browns are at the top of the draft order following their 1-15 season, but they also have the No. 12 selection thanks to a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016. While there is still plenty of time for players to climb up or slide down boards, Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is currently the heavy favorite to be Cleveland is No. 1 pick.

Game Youth Trent Richardson Jersey By surveying as many mock drafts as possible, we can get a good idea of the directions experts expect most teams to go.

Vilardi has all the tools to become a No. 1 center someday: size (6’3), skill (scouts love his effortlessness while making plays), and finishing ability (about to eclipse 30 goals with Windsor this year). By drafting Olli Juolevi and trading for Jonathan Dahlen, the Canucks have added high-end talent on the wings and blue line in the last year.

Taking Vilardi fifth overall would help round out their system.

The Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels are set to play games at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena where flags were flown on Sunday.

Four years, $32.5 million for Britt, who posted his first 1,000-yard season at age 29. The good news for the Browns is that he did that with Case Keenum and Jared Goff throwing him the ball, so he should get better QB play even with the Browns’ relatively low standards in that department.

What makes this deal a bad one is that it likely means the Browns are moving on from Terrelle Pryor. They reportedly balked at a rate starting at $10 million per season, but they also spurned one of the few players who expressed a desire to play in Cleveland, not to mention a 27-year-old talented receiver who posted his own first 1,000-yard season with the Browns rotating cast of signal callers.

It’s a three-year, $15 million deal, which could end up being one of the biggest steals in free agency this year. It gives Carson Wentz a veteran speedster at a fraction of the cost it would’ve taken to land DeSean Jackson.

The NCAA, which moved the games to South Carolina from North Carolina because of the discriminatory, anti-LGBT law dubbed House Bill 2 — “HB2” for short — released a statement about the matter. Dan Gavitt, the body’s senior vice president of basketball, said that the league is committed to assuring that their events are safe and accessible to everyone.

“No symbols that compromise that commitment will be permitted to be displayed on venue property that the tournament controls,” Gavitt said. “Freedom of speech activities on public property in areas surrounding the arena are managed by the city of Greenville and we are supportive of the city’s efforts.”

The Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels are set to play games at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena where flags were flown on Sunday. The group at the parking structure waving the flag did so from the back of a pickup truck. The group told the Associated Press that their goal was to make their presence known to the NCAA.23

We knew this would be a fun game, and the Pokes and Wolverines delivered.

Elite Andrew Sendejo Jersey Michigan had a 41-40 lead at halftime, and the second half was a furious race to the finish. Oklahoma State got a six-point lead with about 16 minutes left, but Michigan was the better team from that point forward. The Wolverines were ahead by six themselves by the nine-minute remaining mark, and they stayed up from there.

Elite Brandon Marshall Jersey The game lacked last-second drama, but it packed enough into about 35 minutes that it didn¡¯t need it to be entertaining. In total, it had 16 lead changes. Oklahoma State was ahead for more than 17 minutes of clock time. The Pokes needed to be ahead for a few more. They weren¡¯t, and Michigan¡¯s the team moving on.

Oklahoma State shot 55 percent from the field, Michigan 52 percent. The Wolverines¡¯ totaled 16 three-point makes to OSU¡¯s seven. That was the difference.

We knew this would be a fun game, and the Pokes and Wolverines delivered.

They both entered in the top five in adjusted offensive efficiency, with good shooters and great athletes all over the floor. Both defenses aren¡¯t great, but that just encouraged more offense, and offense tends to be fun.

Princeton could have beaten Notre Dame ¡ª and perhaps Vanderbilt could have beaten Northwestern, too ¡ª if it had abided by an even more profound saying than ¡°shoot your shot,¡± one that has existed as long as man has been on Earth and partaken in recklessness. It is a saying that sober people with drunk friends know all too well: ¡°Chill out.¡±

Lynch has never really been comfortable anywhere else. He was drafted by the Bills, and Buffalo is most certainly not New York City. He found a locker room in Seattle where he could be himself, but he sparred with the media and became more reserved publicly over time. When he¡¯d go home to Oakland, running camps in the community, there was something different about Lynch.