The Falcons (13-5) picked up right where they left off against the Packers in October

Ryan was nearly picked off a couple of times, but Packers defensive backs Marwin Evans and LaDarius Gunter mistimed jumps late in the first half. Evans, especially, badly mistimed his jump on Ryan’s throw to the end zone. Evans, an undrafted rookie from Utah State, was only playing because fellow rookie Kentrell Brice, who played well last week against the Cowboys, was injured on the opening kickoff.

Instead of stopping the Falcons with a minute remaining in the half, the drive continued and ended with a 5-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones with seven seconds to play in the second quarter.

The Falcons (13-5) picked up right where they left off against the Packers in October, when Mohamed Sanu scored the game-winning touchdown in a 33-32 victory. Sanu scored the first touchdown Sunday as the Falcons capped a 13-play, 80-yard drive with a 2-yard flip from Ryan.

Doing most of the damage for the Falcons was Jones, who absolutely had his way with Gunter. Jones caught nine passes for 180 yards and two scores. He also drew multiple defensive holding calls on Gunter. Despite one of those holding calls, Gunter was still unable to stop Jones from exploding for a 73-yard touchdown on Atlanta’s second play from scrimmage in the second half to give the Falcons a 31-0 lead.

Ezekiel Elliott is just getting started for the Cowboys, and he’s already in elite company. Based on voting by his fellow NFL players, Elliott is Sporting News’ runaway Rookie of the Year for 2016.

He is the first Cowboys player to win SN’s award since Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett in 1977, and the third overall. The other winner also was a running back, Calvin Hill, in 1969. In the bigger picture, Elliott has a strong case as the best rookie running back of all time.

Giants deny team trashed charter plane on return from Green Bay

Not yet done with their off-the-field scandals for the week, the Giants are accused of trashing the first-class cabin on their flight home from Green Bay following a wild-card loss to the Packers on Sunday.

Kids Tyrann Mathieu Jersey According to the New York Post , a United Airlines gate agent told passengers of Flight 934 their plane had been trashed by the Giants on the preceding flight, causing a three-hour delay to repair and clean the interior.

Kids Early Wynn Jersey The pilot came out and asked for everyones patience, and shared where the plane came from and that the plane needed extra help repairing and cleaning the interior, passenger Mark Kropf wrote on Twitter.

So what is termination pay We’ll let the folks at OverTheCap explain it:

Termination pay is an in-season salary guarantee that is automatically given to veteran players as a provision of the CBA. There are actually two types of termination pay. The primary one guarantees a player’s entire Paragraph 5 salary for the season. To be eligible, you have to make the roster for the first game of the season and have not collected termination pay in the past. If [a player is] released, the team owes [him] the remainder of [his] salary for the year if the player puts in a claim for the amount.

This means that because of Brown’s one-game suspension, Bullock will receive his entire $675,000 base salary instead of just a single game check. A player can use the termination-pay rule only once in his career, and it makes sense for Bullock to use it now since it would be rare for him to get such an opportunity again.

In addition to the $675,000 he’ll get from the Giants, he’ll have received $159,000 in total game checks from the Steelers and Bengals. That comes out to $834,000 for the season, which isn’t bad for someone who played for three teams and made only eight field goals this season.

Boston man arrested for false alarm at Steelers hotel

Poilce arrested a man early Sunday after he pulled a false alarm at the Pittsburgh Steelers team hotel in Boston.

According to ESPN, the suspect pulled the alarm near a hotel exit, then jumped in a waiting car with two other men.

Massachusetts State Police quickly stopped the car and arrested the 25-year-old East Boston man. He is charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and pulling a false fire alarm.

ESPN reports that although firefighters checked the hotel near Boston’s Logan International Airport, the Steelers were not evacuated. But several players were awakened by the disturbance.

The Steelers will face the Patriots at 6:40 p.m. ET in the AFC Championship game.

The Raiders are the fifth seed and will play Saturday at Houston. The Texans (9-7) lost at Tennessee, but had already clinched the AFC South and the No. 4 seed.

Teams want to enter the playoffs hot and the Packers and Patriots enter the playoffs riding six-game win streaks while the Steelers have won seven straight.

Matt McGloin steps into a seemingly impossible situation, replacing Derek Carr, the Raidersa’ MVP candidate and the main reason theya’re fighting to win the AFC West, among other prizes. Give him credit for doing his best, but no way do the Raiders play as well without Carr. Yet with the problems the Broncos have on offense (and on defense in trying to cover for them), they should have enough to seal this deal. Raiders, 26-18
Game Mens Sean Taylor Jersey
Game Mens Antoine Vermette Jersey The Chiefs are watching everything and everybody, with the division title and a bye on the line. They know they cana’t fool around all day with the Chargers, who blew a big lead to them in an overtime loss on opening day. Could be the end for the Chargers in San Diego and for Mike McCoy as coach. Chiefs, 26-24

Heimlich was required to register as a sex offender beginning in August 2012.

Heimlich was sentenced to 40 months in a juvenile detention facility, but that sentence was suspended and later dropped after he completed two years of probation and sex-offender treatment, the report says.

Heimlich was required to register as a sex offender beginning in August 2012. Washington classified him as a Level 1 offender, a designation for those who present the lowest possible risk to the community and likelihood to re-offend is considered minimal.

Authentic Mens Nick Bjugstad Jersey After posting solid numbers in his first two seasons with the Beavers, Heimlich has been a breakout star in 2017. He has an 11-1 record and a nation-best 0.76 ERA in 16 starts for a team that has gone 52-4 this year.

By the time you feel like you’re finally ready to get married, and to be the type of husband that a spouse deserves, you’ll have already ruined one marriage, helped to ruin a second, have four kids, and be two divorces in, Jones wrote.
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You’re going to regret so much about those times for the rest of your life — hurting the people you love, losing friends because you were thinking only of yourself. And to see the disappointment in the eyes of the people who you love the most is going to be rough.

Jones’ first marriage ended in divorce after he copped to having an affair with a woman and getting her pregnant. His second marriage lasted 12 years and produced three sons. He got married again in June 2015.

Jones also talked about personal victories, such as his decision not to use steroids in the mid-’90s alongside many other players.

Tom Brady and Matt Ryan: They’re friends.

Tom Brady and Donald Trump: Reading the transcripts, one would never know Brady has been asked about his relationship with the president several times. We already know he doesn’t want to talk about it. Maybe not having that red hat as a conversation piece would have done the trick.

But by now, everyone knows Brady isn’t going to say anything political or anything about his good friend. That’s fine. Move on.

Tom Brady and Matt Ryan: They’re friends. They call each other. They pick each other’s brains about the game. That’s what quarterbacks do.

But Ryan went to Boston College, you see, so he was in close proximity while watching Brady do his GOAT thing in Foxborough. Breaking news: Ryan is also friends with Matthew Stafford because of that Georgia thing. Brady is friends with Peyton Manning. Brady is friends with Drew Brees. Brady is friends with Aaron Rodgers.

Wow. Shocking. One great circle of quarterback friends.

According to a motion filed to delay the trial by three months, Hernandez’s defense team revealed a list of eight potential witnesses, including McDaniels.

“The Commonwealth alleges the defendant sent a text message to Mr. McDaniels showing him another tattoo that he received at the same time from tattoo artist David Nelson with the letters ‘CBS/WBS/IWBTG,’” the motion read, via The Boston Herald. “According to the Commonwealth, it expects Mr. McDaniels to testify [if called] as to the meaning of those letters.”

Hernandez, who received the “CBS/WBS/IWBTG” tattoo in 2014 while in prison, could be in hot water over other body ink. At a pretrial hearing in December for the alleged double murder, prosecutors say two other tattoos on the former tight end’s body could be proof of his guilt.

NFL free agency: Cowboys, Jets among teams with least projected salary cap space

The 2016 NFL season is over, which means it’s time to start looking to the 2017 offseason.

The NFL estimates the salary cap in 2017 will be between $166 million and $170 million, but despite that big number, there still will be a bunch of teams that might struggle with the cap.
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Using a $168 million salary cap limit, we look at the teams that project to have less than $21 million in cap space before they start cutting players and/or restructuring contracts to prepare for free agency.

Pro: Allen has been well-schooled at Alabama under Nick Saban and would’ve been a top 15 pick last year. He can play defensive end and defensive tackle and would be an excellent piece for new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to build around. He’s a safe pick and lead-by-example-type player.

Elite Mens Wes Hopkins Jersey Con: Is “safe” worthy of the No. 1 pick? Allen is 6-3 and 291 pounds. He’s a converted outside linebacker, and he might have to bulk up to play inside in the NFL.

A 2014 fourth-round draft pick from Wisconsin, White has long played a complementary role in conjunction with other running backs. He split carries in high school (St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) with Bengals running back Giovani Bernard. White also played alongside the Chargers’ Melvin Gordon and two other 1,000-yard college rushers (John Clay and ex-Denver Broncos RB Montee Ball) during four seasons with the Badgers.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft zings Roger Goodell in trophy ceremony

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Robert Kraft didn’t let bygones be bygones after his Patriots collected their fifth Super Bowl victory. He made sure to let NFL commissioner Roger Goodell know he’s still steamed about Deflategate.

After Kraft received the Vince Lombardi Trophy from Goodell after New England’s classic 34-28 overtime victory over Atlanta, he barely look at the commissioner as they shook hands. Then he delivered not-so-veiled shots at his friend-turned-nemesis.

Of the franchise’s five Super Bowl titles, Kraft said, This is unequivocally the sweetest. And you can be sure that it isn’t just because Tom Brady, who was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 regular season for using deflated footballs (after a protracted legal battle), completed a record comeback from a 28-3 deficit.

As long as I’m willing to make the commitment to take good care of myself, Brady said Monday when asked how much longer he can play. I got a good routine. It’s gotten better as the years have gone on. It’s nice to feel better as the season goes.

The inevitability that he someday no longer will feel better as the season goes is not lost in Brady. The perceived robot eventually will reveal himself as a human vulnerable to an aging process. But why should Brady wait for that drift to mediocrity?
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Brady has a chance to retire not only as a champion, but as the undisputed best-ever 鈥?at the top of his game, with relatively remarkable health, with oodles of money, with a family life to which he can look forward.

That would be just the beginning for him.

In the Live Ball Era, no one’s been this much better than the rest of baseball in their early seasons and not gone in Cooperstown. It’s rare even for modern players to post 150 OPS+ and 1,000 plate appearances through age-25 and not later be enshrined (though an interesting article could be written about Kal Daniels at some point.)
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Frankly, OPS+ underrates Trout somewhat. He’s the second-best position player in baseball history through age-25 for Wins Above Average, with 39.4. Only Mickey Mantle ranks better, at 39.7. If Trout comes back healthy in two months, he might catch the Commerce Comet. He should stay safely in front of Ty Cobb, who’s third at 39.2 (Cobb ranks tops for WAR through age-25 with 55.8 and Trout and Mantle tied at 52.1.).

His 170 defensive runs better than average through his age-25 season are better than any other player through this age by nearly 50 runs.

That seems like a stat that should accompany a well-known slugger such as Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton or Kris Bryant. If you’re thinking that Schimpf doesn’t really fit in the same sentence as those guys, you’re right. He’s not what you would typically think of as a major home run hitter, standing at 5-9 and 180 pounds with a frame more reminiscent of a running back than a baseball player. Even his name, which sounds suspiciously like shrimp,works to fool the brain into dismissing him as a power hitter.
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The left-handed batter was 28 years old when he was called up in June 2016 after parts of eight seasons in the minors. He got off to a slow start after making his major league debut, but Schimpf collected his first home run (and fourth total hit) in a Padres uniform on July 1 — in his 14th game played.

That would be just the beginning for him.

we have to reset our eyes and our feet and look elsewhere

This isn’t the most difficult throw. It’s just a hitch route against an off corner, but we see Rosen ready to throw right when he finishes his five-step drop. This hitch is his first read, and he likes the matchup. If not, he could finish his drop and come back to the top side of the screen. If we can throw to our primary receiver, why not, right?

If we can’t, we have to reset our eyes and our feet and look elsewhenike_cardinals_529e. Here, you see the same five-step drop, with Rosen looking at his backside receiver. The coverage is different, so he doesn’t want to throw there. There’s a press corner with a weak safety lurking over top, so instead, when he finishes his drop, he shifts his eyes to the strong side, hitching his feet forward to align himself. Another accurate throw in the seam right off that hitch step.

There have been instances where players have success in the season in which they’re on the cover. Adrian Peterson, who was the face of Madden 25 (which would have been Madden 14) rushed for 1,266 yards and was third in the league with 10 rushing touchdowns.

Eddie George ran for a career-high 1,509 yards and had 16 total touchdowns, leading the Titans to a Super Bowl that season before losing to the St. Louis Rams and Kurt Warner. Odell Beckham Jr. also had a big year after his Madden 16 appearance, with 13 touchdown receptions and 1,450 yards.

Arguably nobody had better seasons than Richard Sherman and Calvin Johnson. Sherman, who was on Madden 15, was a first-team All-Pro, and was the least-targeted corner in the NFL. Johnson, who appeared on Madden 13 set the NFL record for receiving yardage in a season with 1,964.

So while it’s a curse for some, it’s a gift for others. Unfortunately for Gronk, it was the former.

The Bills refuse to be content with Tyrod Taylor, and it makes no sense

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Lacy’s shot at a comeback season will come in Seattle, which signed him a day after hosting fellow free-agent back Peterson. The Seahawks reportedly still had interest in Jamaal Charles, too. He has a lot of Marshawn Lynch-like attributes, so it will be interesting to see if Lacy can reivent himself as second-wave Beast Mode.

Baltimore was disappointed in its passing game production from its back, namely Buck Allen. Woodhead’s unique receiving skills also will help fill in for the loss of versatile fullback Kyle Juszczyk.

The Buffalo Bills have a new head coach and, as of last week, a new general manager. But just like the last regime, coach Sean McDermott and GM Brandon Beane already started sending out mixed messages about quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s status with the team.

In an interview with Peter King at the MMQB, they’re asked whether the quarterback of the future is in Buffalo now. McDermott points to Taylor, and for the same amount of time it takes you to read that sentence, the Bills finally have given their starter from the last two years the public vote of confidence he deserves.

Then, Beane pulls the rug out from under the veteran quarterback a mere paragraph later. He promises a competition, in the same breath as praising Taylor’s skills.
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McDermott gets the message and changes his tune right after Beane speaks.

I think that’s the key. Going back to your question, Can we guarantee he is on our roster right now? That remains to be seen and that is true at a lot of positions on our roster.