Joe McKnight lay there with his arms folded

Vinatieri had to deal with this oil spill. All kickers rely on a smooth operation between long-snapper and holder, and when that trust is broken, bad things happen. But Vinatieri knew as long as Kinchen sent anything remotely catchable, Walter would gather it, and then he would handle the rest. Watching across the field, unaware of the drama playing out in the Patriots huddle, Carolina receiver Ricky Proehl felt sick over what was about to go down. He’d scored the tying touchdown for the Rams two years earlier, before Vinatieri’s winner, and he’d just scored the tying touchdown for the Panthers.

On TV screens everywhere, CBS put up a graphic stating that Vinatieri had missed only four indoor field goals in 35 career attempts, but all four were in Reliant Stadium. It didn’t matter. “He’s not going to miss,” Proehl told himself. “Game’s over. This is what he does.”

In other words, Rodrigue is asking how Hayes could have accidentally pulled the trigger, while Grossman’s book asks how could he have not.

The next morning, a white hearse pulled up and parked in front of a church on Carondelet Street. People carried the shiny casket inside and opened the top.
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Joe McKnight lay there with his arms folded. His family can only bury him and remember him; very often in New Orleans, justice is elusive and incomplete, if it comes at all.

At the church, people lined up for the visitation. His old USC teammate, LenDale White, went inside and then came back out, walking off down the sidewalk, overcome. A high school teammate wore a John Curtis letterman’s jacket, red and blue, with patches on the sleeve for the 2005 and 2006 state championships he and Joe won together. Former college and pro teammates served as pallbearers.
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Matt Ryan has yet to have playoff success in Atlanta. Neither has Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. Matthew Stafford has carried the Detroit Lions into playoff contention this season, and the Oakland Raiders’ Derek Carr is now in the MVP conversation, at the very least.

Dolphins owner says the Dolphins are the very finest football team, apart from the football

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“From every aspect except on the playing field, we’re probably the first-class organization in the National Football League,” said Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, whose 6-10 team will be sitting out the playoffs for the seventh consecutive year, a franchise record.

Authentic Ben Smith Jersey This is good to know! Some other good facts: From every aspect except the medicine, I am a first-class surgeon, and taking into account everything except the thumbs, general neural arrangement and interest in or even vague comprehension of the arts, my cat is the very finest violinist on earth.

In any case, it is unclear whether this statement of unabashed optimism and at least partial truth came before or after Ross missed three consecutive high fives. One for each head coach in the Dolphins’ calendar year, perhaps.

Rounding things out, the Chiefs won their 10th straight game, outlasting the Raiders to lock up the No. 5 seed and the Jets, who just had to win to get in, stumbled badly and lost to the Bills. Combined with the Steelers’ easy win over the Browns, Pittsburgh jumped past New York and grabbed the sixth and final spot in the playoffs. Rough day for Jets fans.

Over in the NFC, the Panthers locked up the No. 1 seed behind Cam Newton’s big four-touchdown day (two through the air, two on the ground), rolling the Buccaneers to finish 15-1. The Cardinals settled for the No. 2 seed after getting dominated by the Seahawks at home, but Arizona still gets a nice first-round bye.

This is not entirely important, but I did find it to be a pretty interesting and surprising stat: Prior to Sunday’s action, Jay Cutler had been the only starting quarterback in the NFL without a multi-interception game all season. That streak ended, of course, when he threw three picks against the Lions in the finale.

Joe Flacco had to sleep in a room with Tom Brady posters during the NFL offseason

It¡¯s not abnormal for kids to decorate their rooms with posters of their favorite athletes. It¡¯s a little abnormal when your brother is an NFL quarterback and you decorate your room with posters of his rival. It¡¯s downright offensive when that rival is Tom Brady.

And it¡¯s got to be a bit of a gut punch when your brother, Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens, is forced to sleep in that room, in his own house, for a few months during the offseason.

Yet for the first two years of his career, that¡¯s exactly the type of torture Flacco put up with when he went to stay with his parents in New Jersey. To his credit, Flacco didn¡¯t make a big deal out of it.

It¡¯s really nothing to be ashamed of, it just feels a bit weird. Like that scene in Like Mike when Dirk Nowitzki asks Bow Wow (n¨¦e Lil¡¯ Bow Wow) for his autograph. There are no written rules against it, it¡¯s just generally not done or talked about.

But Manning thinks there¡¯s a way he can avoid these issues in the future.

¡°He’s got to learn to be a good guy and learn how to warm up to those guys so he can get some calls,” he told the longtime New York City radio host.

Beckham wasn¡¯t the only Giants receiver the two-time Super Bowl champion touched on. Victor Cruz spoke out Sunday night after failing to earn a single target in the loss to the Steelers.
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Game Devan Dubnyk Jersey ¡°There¡¯s always opportunities for everybody to get the ball out there and I didn¡¯t get those today,¡± Cruz told the New York Daily News.

Manning deflected his longtime wideout¡¯s concerns.

“I’m not in the targeting business. My job is to go through progressions, reads, a lot of it just depends on the play and the coverage.

“I wish I could get everyone 7-8 catches a game. It just doesn’t always work that way.”

Washington wide receiver John Ross could be an early pick if he leaves school

Kiper: Third-year sophomore, potentially. Michigan linebacker/safety Jabrill Peppers, Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey and Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore are all draft-eligible sophomores on my latest Big Board. Then there’s Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas, Oklahoma offensive tackle Orlando Brown and Ohio State safety Malik Hooker, plus two from Notre Dame: quarterback DeShone Kizer and guard Quenton Nelson. Some of these guys will likely return to school, but some won’t. The talent level here is incredible.
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Who’s going to catapult up boards like Carson Wentz did last year?

McShay: Washington wide receiver John Ross could be an early pick if he leaves school — and runs as fast as expected. I’m also interested to see if the two Ohio State defensive backs Mel just mentioned (Lattimore and Hooker) decide to return to school for a second season as full-time starters, or if they bolt after the upcoming playoff. Both need more game experience, but both are very talented.

Womens Brian Cushing Jersey Washington speedster John Ross has 17 TDs this season.

Chiefs win: They move into an incredibly advantageous position with a victory. In addition to all but sealing a playoff berth, Andy Reid’s team would move into first place in the AFC West by virtue of a tiebreaker, having swept the Raiders in their head-to-head matchups this season.

If the Colts lose, they’re basically toast. They would lose the head-to-head tiebreaker to the Texans, and while they would be only a game back with three to play, Andrew Luck & Co. have to travel to Minnesota and Oakland for games against playoff contenders over the next two weeks. The Upshot gives Indy just a 7 percent chance to make the postseason with a loss, and they’re a 50-50 proposition with a win. The Texans would have a 76 percent chance of making the postseason with a victory, which falls to 27 percent with a loss.

Take heart, Steelers. A team has won an NFL playoff game minus its top receiver & rusher

Dan Fouts was intercepted five times in shocking loss to Oilers. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
The Pittsburgh Steelers will be without DeAngelo Williams and Antonio Brown in the playoffs Sunday against Denver. Several outlets are saying this is the first time in NFL history a team has been in a playoff game minus its leading rusher and receiver. This is wrong; it will be the second time.

Authentic Mens Koa Misi Jersey In the 1979 AFC Divisional playoffs, the Houston Oilers traveled to face the top-seeded San Diego Chargers. The Oilers were without Earl Campbell (their leading rusher), Ken Burrough (their leading receiver) and Dan Pastorini (their starting quarterback). They were facing a high-flying Chargers team led by Dan Fouts that looked like a lock. That’s why they play the game.

The Oilers didn’t put up much offense but stunned the Chargers, 17-14. The reason? The Oilers intercepted Fouts five times. The hero was defensive coordinator Eddie Biles, who had figured out the Chargers’ hand signals. Here is the Sports Illustrated game story from January 1980:

The ankle sprain was welcomed news, as Maclin has had his ACL repaired twice previously. He tore his ACL early in his college career at Missouri, and he missed the entirety of the 2013 season with the Philadelphia Eagles after tearing his ACL in training camp. Maclin was emotional when he left the field Saturday, anticipating the worst, but managed to avoid the worst case scenario.
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Maclin’s status is especially important for a Chiefs’ offense that has managed to win 11 straight games while missing a key player. Running back Jamaal Charles was placed on injured reserve early in the season with a torn ACL.

Maclin was the Chiefs’ leading receiver through the regular season, with 1,088 yards and eight touchdowns on 87 receptions. In the Chiefs Wild Card victory over the Texans, their first playoff win since 1994, Maclin had three receptions for 29 yards.

I wondered if perhaps for a lot of football fans, even in 2016, in their minds if it didn’t show up on the stat sheet, then it didn’t happen. That’s not to say any of these guys had pitiful stats, it’s just that to truly understand their impact you need to look deeper than that.

The Clippers present perhaps the best human drama of the 2016-17 season

Griffin’s rise to superstardom muddled the team’s hierarchy, since he needed to siphon some ball-handling duties from Paul. “When you have multiple alphas, multiple guys in a lot of TV commercials, there is always going to be some tension and clashing,” J.J. Redick told

It’s not completely gone. Griffin smashing his hand in an after-hours fight last season jolted the team. But everyone swears the vibe is the best it’s been since Paul’s arrival five long years ago. “I never had a problem with Chris,” Griffin said. “Sometimes it was better than others. Our spirit as a team is great now.”

Limited Kids Spencer Long Jersey It had better be. This may be the last, best chance for the cursed L.A. stepchild to bust through the second round and chase the sort of success they’ve never experienced. More than a year ago, Doc Rivers, the team’s coach and team president, told me that teams who fall short over and over grow stale — and that the Clippers were “on the borderline” of needing a shakeup.

Jordan may not guard Green at all when Golden State goes to its Death Lineup; the Clips slot him onto Andre Iguodala, so either Griffin or Mbah a Moute can take Green — and switch onto Curry.

It just hasn’t worked. Golden State has shredded L.A.’s defense in every recent matchup. The Clippers will negotiate the first two switches fine, and then break down on the third or fourth action. Someone will back-cut Crawford. Curry’s shoulder-shaking has juked Paul. Klay Thompson is cool shooting right over Redick. Two Clippers will chase one Warrior, leaving another naked. Griffin isn’t quite long enough to bother Curry on those step-back 3s. Jordan is too slow to pivot into emergency response mode when Curry has daylight:
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Expecting perfection against the Warriors’ gauntlet is unfair. Every team messes up a dozen or so possessions each night. But to have any chance, you have to minimize that number, and the Clippers haven’t shown they can do that. “When you defend them,” Redick said, “it’s almost like every play has the intensity of the last minute in a close game. You have to defend so many actions. Fall asleep for a second, and it’s over.”

“Every team needs” a player like Incognito, says guard John Miller.

THE BILLS’ LOCKER room is a tangled maze of walls and random partitions. Lockers for offensive linemen are along one wall, facing the main door. Specialists are around the corner, with running backs to their right and linebackers to their left. The trend in the team-building business is circular inclusiveness, a nod to visibility, a symbolic erasure of cliques and divisions. This one, though — a tight end could get lost on his way to visit a cornerback. It looks like it was designed by an architect who specializes in haunted houses.

“You can go any place else. You can go back to Tennessee, you can go to Cleveland, you can go to SC. Still, I’m going to be Eric Dickerson of the Los Angeles Rams. That’s why I wear that gold jacket. I have the right to say what I say.”

“I want to come to these football games about as much as I want to put a bloody steak around my neck and dive into the Pacific Ocean buck naked.”

And then, of course: “I won’t be at the Coliseum as long as Fisher’s coaching. I’m a man of my word. If I tell you something, I’m going to do it.”

The following morning, Dickerson relayed those sentiments once again on SportsCenter. Hours later, Fisher — his job security seemingly more perilous than ever — basically summarized his point of contention with Dickerson this way: “He’s totally entitled to his opinion, and he has every right to be critical. But as I told him in the conversation, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t be critical, and then come back and ask for this and ask for that.”
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Authentic Kids Knile Davis Jersey Meanwhile, Dickerson’s Twitter account (@EricDickerson, with more than 65,000 followers) retweeted countless fans who were supporting him and blasting the organization, blasting Fisher, blasting Demoff. Some vowed to no longer attend games until Fisher is let go and thus Dickerson’s shun is lifted.

Right or wrong, the Rams lost big.

A few minutes earlier, Fisher told the assembled media he didn’t know where Dickerson’s comments stemmed from, then touched on “a really good conversation” the two shared and added: “I’d welcome him in the building. I’d love to have him come in. I’d love to have him come to practice. I’d love to have him come in the meetings.”

And that set Dickerson off.

Eagles RG Brandon Brooks hospitalized, misses loss to Packers

Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks was hospitalized with an illness Monday, the team announced, and he missed Philadelphia’s 27-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Rookie Isaac Seumalo replaced Brooks in the starting lineup.

This is the latest hit to an already patchwork offensive line. Halapoulivaati Vaitai, who took over at right tackle when Lane Johnson was suspended earlier this season, suffered an MCL sprain against the Seattle Seahawks Nolan Cromwell Youth Jersey last week and did not play Monday. Allen Barbre moved from left guard to right tackle for the Packers game, with Stefen Wisniewski taking his spot at left guard.

The Raiders’ 24-7 halftime lead dissolved into a 32-24 deficit in the fourth quarter before Carr led the Raiders to two late scores for a 35-32 victory to improve first-place Oakland’s record to 9-2 and clinch the franchise’s first winning record since 2002.

Rodgers wouldn’t have thrown Adams’ way 76 times this season if he didn’t trust him. Only Nelson, with 94 targets, has seen the ball more from Rodgers this season. Adams already has consecutive games with double-digit receptions this season – combining for a Packers record 25 catches in back-to-back games against Chicago and Atlanta. Two weeks later, he posted a career best with 156 yards in a loss at Tennessee.

“This is who we saw during training camp,” said fellow Packers receiver Randall Cobb. “This is who we saw when Coach McCarthy called him the MVP. This is who we saw. He got hurt last year. He was playing through a lot of pain, multiple injuries, and he never was quite himself.”

Adams remains close to his mother, who spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Green Bay, and admits they now joke Orlando Pace Youth Jersey about the thrice-broken arm that almost prevented him from returning to the football field.

“Every now and then we’ll talk about that,” Adams said. “But it’s not something that bothers me now.”

Don’t believe him? Go ahead and touch it.

Bevell had a laugh about Baldwin’s gesture on Wednesday

Earlier failures left the Redskins playing catch-up against a superior team on the road. Gruden swung at an opportunity to regain that advantage. The problem is, when those plays don’t work they look really bad.

The Redskins, at 6-4-1, remain in good position to fight their way into the playoffs. If they get there, one reason will be Gruden’s aggressiveness. It just didn’t help them Thursday.

Bevell had a laugh about Baldwin’s gesture on Wednesday.

“Doug and I have a great relationship, first and foremost,” Bevell said. “I think Doug in his excitement, when he heard the play called in the huddle and knowing that he was going to get an opportunity to make Seahawk history, he was really excited, and he wanted to tell Bev that he was No. 1. And he just messed up a little bit there. If I could inspire him to make that perfect pass, then I’ll go ahead and take it.”

“But it’s going to be important that we get going early. We had three three-and-outs to start the [Redskins] game, but overall on the season, we’ve done a better job of limiting our three-and-outs; we’ve been sustaining drives pretty well.”

Even if the Packers end their losing streak on Monday, they will remain two games out of first place in the NFC North with just five weeks remaining. The Detroit Lions (7-4) moved into sole possession of the division lead after Thursday’s win over the Chris Conley Authentic Womens Jersey Vikings (6-5). The Packers close the regular season with Minnesota at home in Week 16 and at Detroit in the Week 17 finale.

On the next play, Dak Prescott scored on a 6-yard touchdown run to increase the Cowboys’ lead to 24-12 with 10:49 to play.

Bryant caught three of his five passes against Norman, but Chris Jones Authentic Womens Jersey it was Bryant’s fifth catch that was the most important to the Cowboys even if it came against Kendall Fuller. On third-and-9 from the Washington 27 and the Cowboys’ lead down to five points, Bryant lined up in the slot in a three-receiver set.

Feeling some pressure, Prescott rolled to his right. The quarterback could have used his legs to pick up a first down, as he had done plenty of times throughout the game. Even if he didn’t pick up the first down, the Cowboys were sufficiently in Dan Bailey’s field goal range.

Seahawks’ Doug Baldwin calls for changes in deadly use of force law

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin appeared before a legislative task force at the state capitol Monday to recommend changes to a law that prevents law enforcement officers from being charged with a crime in uses of deadly force unless it can be proven that they acted with “malice” and without “good faith.”

According to The Seattle Times, the Justin Ellis Authentic Jersey task force voted to remove the references of “malice” and “good faith” from the law.

“The major part of it is that it sends a message to the community that law enforcement and the agencies that represent law enforcement, that they’re serious about the gravity of their decisions and about the standards that they hold themselves to,” Baldwin said.

“And it sends a deep message to the community of just that. And an olive branch, if you will, that they’re willing to work with the community. It heals a much-needed relationship. As far as being able to prosecute police officers, obviously that’s not the intent.

Wasted opportunities are why the Redskins could roll up 505 yards of offense but still leave on the wrong end of a 31-26 score. You shouldn’t feel bad about what they can do in future games, but to do more than sneak in as the last playoff entrant, they have to do a much better job of converting the opportunities they get.

Jordan Reed caught two touchdown passes as part of a good day for the Redskins’ passing game.

Missed chances hurt the Redskins in a loss to Dallas earlier this year, hurt them in a loss to Detroit and cost them a tie with Cincinnati. The Redskins are still 6-4-1 and still in good position to make the playoffs. Their offense will always give them a chance to hurt most teams. They’re explosive, and quarterback Kirk Cousins is playing well — he threw for 449 yards and three Karl Joseph Authentic Jersey touchdowns Thursday. You can’t say it’s all because of the talent around him. It isn’t. There’s a lot to be encouraged by when it comes to Cousins and the offense.

“Twenty[-six] points should be good enough to win in the NFL,” Redskins coach Jay Gruden said.

But that makes what happened Thursday disappointing. The Redskins were in position to win this game. But on two early trips inside the red zone, for example, they settled for field goals. They used a new formation on one play — the Wildcat — and lost a yard.