Is NBA Finals’ Cavs vs. Warriors III the greatest ‘three-match’ in sports history?

Limited Womens Brandon Jennings Jersey Cavaliers vs. Warriors III is here, the first time two teams have met in the NBA Finals in three consecutive seasons.

It’s a three-match for the ages. That automatically makes it one of the best postseason trilogies in sports history. Others come to mind, including the Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson Celtics-Lakers showdowns in the 1980s. That’s the most obvious comparison to this year’s NBA Finals.

The Cavs-Warriors trilogy, however, has taken place over three consecutive seasons. That’s rare across the major American sports at the conference championship level or higher.

Here’s a look at 14 sports trilogies in which teams met in three consecutive postseasons in either the conference championship round or championship:

Limited Womens Sharrif Floyd Jersey The Rockets would need to make a move to clear room for Griffin, but this is the kind of move that is in Daryl Morey’s wheelhouse. They need an upgrade at power forward, and if they can get a player of Griffin’s quality without giving up much (Ryan Anderson, for example), they’d be an offensively loaded team that could at least give the Warriors an endlessly entertaining offensive series.

Not that Griffin has delivered much for the Clippers 鈥?injuries have mostly torpedoed his time in LA. But it’s worth the risk. A fresh start helped Rockets reserve Eric Gordon, and maybe it’d help Griffin.

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