Michael Bennett: Pete Carroll is like Benjamin Button, Willy Wonka

RENTON, Wash. — Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was asked Monday to identify when he’s seen Pete Carroll at his angriest.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him angry, honestly,” Bennett said. “I always tell him he’s like Benjamin Button. I see him happy all the time. Willy Wonka. He’s just having a good time.”

“A lot of coaches, they have philosophies, but what does their philosophy really mean?” Bennett said. “It means s—, because they don’t win games. So here you’ve got a guy who’s telling you about philosophy about how to win when he’s never won. When you’ve got a coach that’s really won, he understands his philosophy, people buy in a lot faster because they understand that this guy knows what he’s talking about. There’s a lot of coaches that talk about championships, they talk about being in the moment, but they don’t even know what that moment feels like. They don’t know how to express it, how to talk about it so they can’t really hone in on it. And I think Coach Carroll does a great job of doing that. He’s elevated the mindset of people to understand that there is more in them and they can be greater.

“Before, I had a whole bunch of guys spitting a whole bunch of garbage about stuff that they said that they knew and how you win championships, and they never won. So when I got here, I understood that Pete knew how to win. And that was what it was about.”

Bosa and the Chargers are still locked in a contract stalemate over offset language and the earlier payment of deferred signing bonus money.

Chargers head coach Mike McCoy would not provide a timetable for Bosa getting into game shape, if and when he reports to Chargers Park.

However, asked if someone playing defensive end in San Diego’s system could function, given a slimmed-down version of the playbook, McCoy said: “We’re going to play everybody. If you have a uniform, you’re going to play. And that’s what the good teams do up front. They’re going to rotate everyone and keep everybody fresh.”

The Chargers dropped Bosa from third string to fourth string at defensive end on the team’s latest depth chart. Darius Philon is listed as the starter, followed by Tenny Palepoi, Zamir Carlis and Bosa. With the Chargers preparing for the team’s regular-season dress rehearsal — Sunday’s preseason matchup against the Minnesota Vikings — San Diego must move forward as if Bosa will not be available for the season opener in three weeks.

“We’ll have a plan for him whenever he’s here,” McCoy said. “We’ve talked about it over time, from the very beginning of camp. So we’ve got a plan for when he’s in the building. But I’m very pleased with the other 89 guys in camp at this point in time.”

Specifically, McCoy indicated that he has been pleased so far with the play of Bosa’s replacements, second-year pro Darius Philon and 2014 undrafted rookie Tenny Palepoi.