LeBron James clowns President Donald Trump, supports Women’s March

Darren Woodson Mens Jersey Once criticized for his perceived silence and lack of involvement in sociopolitical issues, LeBron James feels more comfortable speaking out now than ever.

The four-time MVP, known for his philanthropy in his native Northeast Ohio, was an ardent supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, campaigning alongside her just before the November election. He took to Instagram to express his thoughts in the aftermath of Republican Donald Trump’s victory in the electoral college.

Limited Reggie Lewis Jersey Coach Gregg Popovich routinely discussed how much he trusted Bonner in pressure situations, and he was on the floor for the final minutes of the final game of the 2014 NBA Finals, when the Spurs won their most recent championship.

Of course, Tim Duncan also retired this offseason. Spurs fans liked him, too. And Duncan and Bonner got along in a way that helped guide the Spurs’ easygoing locker room 鈥?and probably extended Bonner’s career a season or two.

Bonner told me last season that I was pulling off the NBA beard-and-flannel look properly. If only I’d known then that it would be the last time we spoke while he was an active NBA player.

When the media reports what he says, I’m not sure why he can get angry about that. But it is, it does boggle the mind how somebody can be so thin-skinned. It’s all obvious, it’s about him. If anything affects him, if it’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ or ‘Hamilton,’ or she got three more million votes than you. (He says) ‘They’re illegal!’ It doesn’t matter what it is, there’s a pattern there. And that’s dangerous.