Curt Fraser was the Thrashers¡¯ pick in another case of being on the inside track with management

¡°He¡¯s not playing a lot, and when he does play he¡¯s not getting a ton of minutes and he¡¯s way down in the lineup. So any time that comes up, you start to hear talk and conversation.

And I think they are being asked. ¡®What are you thinking here? What are you doing there? What¡¯s your future plans?¡¯ I have no doubt teams are calling and asking them that.¡±
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¡°He¡¯s fallen further down the lineup. He just can¡¯t seem to get going. He had some injury problems at the beginning of the year, which affected him. He wasn¡¯t at his peak when the season began. He was playing catch-up.

Game Chris Harris Jr Jersey I just feel that as the Ottawa Senators have gotten going in the last little bit he can¡¯t find his way.¡±

Not only that, he thinks that Ottawa is apparently asking a lot for their former first round pick, making a trade not imminent:

Curt Fraser was the Thrashers¡¯ pick in another case of being on the inside track with management. Fraser and general manager Don Waddell were partners in bringing the Orlando Solar Bears to the International Hockey League in 1995 before working together again in 1999. Ted Nolan and Ron Low were contenders for the Thrashers¡¯ job and both had NHL experience, but were passed over for familiarity.

While the leftovers of the recent expansion teams only lasted a few more years in the NHL, it¡¯s highly likely the three coaches not chosen by Vegas could continue their success elsewhere in the league. The coaching pool is too talented and too deep, meaning Vegas won¡¯t be the only one that benefits next season.

Still, it¡¯s a glut of coaching talent the NHL hasn¡¯t seen in years, maybe even in the history of league expansion. If George McPhee wasn¡¯t working those phones before, he most definitely is now.