Colts tight end Erik Swoope signs his exclusive rights tender

Tight end Erik Swoope signed his exclusive rights tender Monday, the Colts announced.

Swoope, 25, signed with the Colts in 2014, having never played organized football. He played basketball at the University of Miami.

He spent his first two seasons on the practice squad before making his NFL debut in the 2015 regular-season finale. He served as the Colts’ third tight end in 2016.

“I can’t remember what prompted it, honestly, but [Jamie] threatened me. He threatened to kill me,” Lisa says. Jamie was always remorseful, she says, always sincerely apologetic after lashing out. Still, she says, she took the threat seriously enough to remove the knife set from the kitchen counter and lock her bedroom door at night.

More often than not, though, Jamie was a functioning addict, according to friends and family members. Frequently on the dean’s list, he graduated from Michigan State in May 2015 with a 3.5 GPA.

“I think any player that misses camp — in his case it’s not a holdout if he hasn’t signed [the franchise tender],” Colbert said. “He’s not required to be there. . . . I think it does affect that player but I think it affects his teammates as well because they don’t get to work together. He had a productive year without coming to camp last year. Were we as good as we could’ve been especially early? Probably not. Hopefully, again, we can get something done long-term. He plugs in, there’s no distractions, and we go all try to win a Super Bowl.”

It would be Super Bowl win number seven for the Steelers, who definitely would be in much better position to achieve that goal if they have Bell all in for all of the 2018 offseason, training camp, and preseason.

“Jamie came in, and immediately he knew where he wanted to be in life, and it wasn’t as an addict,” says Chris Ege, a manager at Sober Living in Delray. “He was working. He was going to meetings. He had the sponsor that was top of the line. He was doing everything right.”