Dwyane Wade defends LeBron James by piling on Charles Barkley

Dwyane Wade joined the masses Tuesday by offering his take on the LeBron James-Charles Barkley beef.

Wade is obviously going to be biased as he and James have a strong relationship, but his comments are still interesting. He seemed to be surprised with the rest of us that James finally stood up for himself, and he enjoyed seeing it.

“Thank God he finally said something,” Wade said Tuesday, via the Chicago Tribune. “LeBron, a lot of guys take a lot of shots at him for whatever reason. He just has kept his mouth closed and continued to focus on what he needs to. But it’s about time he said something, man. Guys ride him, especially ex-players.”

Wade’s comments are similar to the ones teammate Jimmy Butler said regarding the team last week after a different loss to the Hawks.

Butler said the team played “terrible basketball” in that loss, and it appears not much has changed.

Butler and Wade combined to score 73 of the team’s points Wednesday. Doug McDermott, who came off the bench, was the only only player in double figures with 10 points.

Chicago (23-24) had won its last two games before heading into Wednesday’s loss, so it’s not like the team was in the midst of some fantastic slump. But the two most senior and experienced members of the squad have clearly been unhappy with attitudes in the locker room.

This one has all the signs of getting ugly with Rajon Rondo still unhappy sitting on the bench. When two teammates call out the rest of its members someone is going to get angry.

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg must be wondering why he left his comfortable job at Iowa State right about now.