What do the Patriots have in mind for Le’Veon Bell?

QB Matt Ryan is playing at an MVP level, and you especially like his chances of matching Rodgers’ offensive output at home. But what stood out about Atlanta in Saturday’s victory over the Seattle Seahawks was how dynamic and energetic the Falcons were on the other side of the ball. We’re not used to thinking defense when we think of the Falcons, but their young defensive stars have been difference-makers down the stretch. Green Bay has one of the best pass-protecting offensive lines in the league, and Seattle had one of the worst. But that doesn’t mean Falcons coach Dan Quinn & Co. can’t scheme ways for the Falcons’ defensive team speed to make a difference in coverage or by chasing down Rodgers outside of the pocket better than Dallas did.

It’s not as if the Steelers can’t find other ways to win, but the design and effectiveness of the Patriots’ plan to stop Bell will tell a significant portion of the story of the AFC Championship Game.

With all that in mind, we tapped five Americans to share some of their experiences of what it’s really like to play pro basketball in China.

Randolph Morris: ‘A tremendous experience’

Authentic Kids Nolan Cromwell Jersey Morris, a former standout at the University of Kentucky who played in the NBA with the Knicks and Atlanta Hawks, has enjoyed one of the finest CBA careers of any American. He’s playing in his seventh season with the Beijing Ducks, having joined the franchise in 2010.
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Morris averaged 29.9 points and 12.2 rebounds in his first season with Beijing and has hovered right around 25 points and 10 rebounds over the course of his CBA career. Morris said the quality of CBA play is already good and continuing to improve, which surprises some Americans who come over expecting to produce eye-popping numbers.

Last week OBJ, this week Dez Bryant for Packers CB LaDarius Gunter

When the 2015 NFL draft weekend wrapped up, the Green Bay Packers felt confident they had found their shutdown cornerback of the future.

If it wasn’t first-round pick Damarious Randall, then surely it would be second-rounder Quinten Rollins.
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Yet when defensive coordinator Dom Capers sits down these days with his assistant coaches and decides whether to match one of his cornerbacks against the opponent’s No. 1 receiver, it’s someone else the Packers picked up that May 2015 weekend who’s the focus of the discussion.

Instead, mysteriously, the Seahawks handed the ball to backup running back Alex Collins twice, running the risk of a fumble with little upside, to end the half. It’s a bizarre decision: If you want to give up (and you shouldn’t), why not kneel three times given Atlanta had only two timeouts? And why wouldn’t you want to try to score against a middling pass defense given how much success the Seahawks had enjoyed throwing the ball downfield?
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I’m not one to argue that an end-of-half field goal would have given the Seahawks momentum heading into the final 30 minutes, but those three points could have come in handy.

And if Carroll didn’t have enough faith in Wilson to try to score without turning the ball over, he might as well not have sent the team out for the second half. Atlanta promptly took the ball after halftime and drove 75 yards for another touchdown. Carroll’s aforementioned fourth-and-1 punt, designed to keep the game close, came with the game at 12-10. By the time Wilson took his next meaningful snap on offense, the score was 26-10.

Do NFL preseason stats mean anything for running backs?

With one week of the NFL Preseason in the books, you may find yourself belly-up to the bar and realize that you’re not only unrepentantly excited about Ameer Abdullah and his 9.6 yards per carry, but you’re equally as excited about that fifth running back on your team’s depth chart, a Zach Zenner, for instance. You may catch yourself re-calibrating your team’s roster in your mind based on a few exciting preseason runs.

Are you wrong to do this? Do “breakout” preseason performances at the running back position translate to breakout performances once the regular season rolls around? Short answer — it depends.

The San Francisco 49ers underwent a mountain of change this offseason, with a new coaching staff and Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Chris Borland and Anthony Davis all retiring. The first three of those players are defenders, so seeing how the first-team defense plays was of particular interest on Saturday. It went poorly.

It’s worth noting that it wasn’t the complete starting defense, with guys like NaVorro Bowman and Michael Wilhoite sitting out. Still, it wasn’t an encouraging start for a team that has a whole lot to prove this season. San Francisco’s defense gave up big chunks of yardage in Saturday’s game, and that was already a problem last season. They’ll need to make some adjustments heading into their next preseason game.

But you know what? I wont have to post a instantgram about it to brag to the whole world, because the reward for doing the right thing should be internal, you shouldnt have to need 1,000 thumbs up from strangers online when it comes to depriving a kindergartner of a award.

That’s the difference between those Patriots and these Patriots

The day after the Dallas Cowboys¡¯ 2014 season ended in a controversial 26-21 loss to Green Bay in the divisional playoffs, coach Jason Garrett saw his team¡¯s future, even if he didn¡¯t know it.

Garrett was sitting in the owner¡¯s suite at AT&T Stadium next to Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith for the first College Football Playoff National Championship between Ohio State and Oregon. At the time, it was Garrett¡¯s desire to retain Dallas RB DeMarco Murray, who led the NFL with 1,845 yards rushing that season and was set to become a free agent.
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That’s the difference between those Patriots and these Patriots.

The motivation level of the two clubs has to be the same, or perhaps even greater this time around. Instead of being lauded as the NFL’s next great dynasty, the Patriots have been sullied by an overreaching league office that’s seemingly intent on destroying Brady’s legacy. According to ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Roger Goodell pounded the Patriots over DeflateGate to appease owners who thought he conducted a hasty investigation into the Pats’ videotaping scandal eight years ago. But in the process, he nearly took down one of his league’s marquee players.

Brady will likely be back with a vengeance this season, but his wide receiving corps is lacking. Brandon LaFell will begin the year on the PUP list, which leaves the Patriots with few outside options. Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are supposedly healthy, but they both sat out the preseason with various ailments.

Sunday against the Packers is the next big game.

Game Youth Thomas Morstead Jersey ¡°I¡¯m a competitor, that¡¯s what I expect to do,¡± Elliott said. ¡°I expect to show up in the biggest games and [it’s] kind of what I pride myself in. So I¡¯m excited for this postseason run.¡±

Robert Alford snagged a Kirk Cousins’ pass in overtime to give the Falcons a win

If you drew up a list of surprising teams for this season, Atlanta might be near the top. The pre-season projections back that up, too — according to ESPN Stats and Info, their FPI metric gave the Falcons a 2.7 percent chance to win their first five games this year, lowest probability of any the undefeated teams.

They’re having success through the air — Julio Jones is on a torrid pace — and their run game ain’t shabby either. Second-year pro Devonta Freeman became the third player with eight rushing touchdowns through five games of a season since 2005 — marks set by Shaun Alexander (8) and LaDainian Tomlinson (9).

So, while former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn enjoys success with his new team, his old team has struggled to find that killer instinct after their devastating loss in the Super Bowl last February. Seattle has now lost fourth quarter leads in all three losses this year, and this one is by far the most demoralizing.
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Robert Alford snagged a Kirk Cousins’ pass in overtime to give the Falcons a win, moving them to 5-0. But there’s another undefeated team in that division, the Panthers. Carolina had a bye this week and have to travel to Seattle in Week 6.

Authentic Youth Allen Iverson Jersey The schedule is on Atlanta’s side here. While the Panther travel to Seattle next week, the Falcons are headed to New Orleans. A road trip to Tennessee follows that, before a return home to play the Buccaneers in Week 8. They’re going to San Francisco after that before a bye.

Over that same span, after their trip to Seattle, the Panthers have a three-game home stand against the Eagles, Colts and Packers. The Falcons will probably have a cushion in the standings when they play the Panthers for the first time this season, in Week 14.

If Carolina can keep it close during that stretch, the NFC South, the top of it anyway, could make December that much more interesting. The NFC South!

Carroll can come off as unduly optimistic

The atmosphere is electric. The speed of the game jumps. And the pressure? It’s intense. But that’s expected, really, when you get into the dance.

I played on wild-card weekend four times during my journeyman NFL career. We won a couple. And we lost a couple too. The common thread? Everything is magnified when you play in an elimination game.

You can’t stop the run game in the playoffs? Get beat on special teams? Or give up the deep ball in the second half? Man, it’s time to clock out and hand in the gear.

“We’ve got a young group now, and these guys are going to grow up with us, and we’re really excited about that,” he says. “It’s not about spending money; it’s about getting guys in the right spots and doing what you can do.”

“We’ve got a young group now, and these guys are going to grow up with us, and we’re really excited about that.”

Carroll can come off as unduly optimistic. A carnival barker. But he wins just about as often as any coach ever has. More often than not, he pushes the right buttons.

That “just be you” talk to Fant at halftime against the Cardinals?

It sank in and became part of a mantra. Fant returned to the field with a different mindset. He wasn’t perfect in the second half, but he neutralized Jones. The Seahawks scored 28 points and came close to pulling off a stunning comeback.
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The following week, during the regular-season finale against the 49ers, Fant performed nearly as well: no penalties, no major errors, an aggressive, mostly clean game. He often found himself matched against DeForest Buckner, San Francisco’s imposing rookie first-round draft pick. Buckner came away with one solo tackle and no sacks.
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“Whatever it takes, whatever it takes,” Fant keeps telling himself. “Just be you.”

The Raptors are quietly back to being the second-best team in the Eastern Conference

Toronto has the league¡¯s best offense and an average defense. They¡¯ve barely lost to good teams and thwacked bad ones. Lowry and DeRozan are both having career years, and the Raptors will survive if either of them fall off even slightly. Patrick Patterson is injured now, but the Raptors have several bench players who they can plug in during his absence.

Limited Youth Nick Perry Jersey That¡¯s because, first and foremost, he¡¯s a shot-blocking machine.
¡°There¡¯s going to be nights where I get a few (blocks), there¡¯s going to be nights where I don¡¯t,¡± Durant told reporters after posting 22 points, 17 rebounds, and five blocks in Golden State¡¯s Wednesday 121-111 win over Toronto.

Those block parties seem more often than not.

Durant¡¯s 1.5 blocks per game are a career-high and he has 16 games with at least two blocks this season, according to Basketball-Reference. That¡¯s tied with Bucks¡¯ shot-blocker John Henson and ahead of guys like LeBron James (four), Andre Drummond (nine), Karl-Anthony Towns (12), Dwight Howard (15), and Bismack Biyombo (15).

Limited Youth Phil Esposito Jersey Only one non-big man has recorded more games with two or more blocks than Durant: Giannis Antetokounmpo, with 17. He¡¯s joined by Rudy Gobert (29), Anthony Davis (27), Myles Turner (25), Hassan Whiteside (24), DeAndre Jordan (20), Kristaps Porzingis (19), Brook and Robin Lopez (17), and Marc Gasol (17).

Atlanta won in overtime, perhaps stymieing briefly the Paul Millsap trade rumors that are already getting going. Hardaway Jr. finished with 29 points on 11-of-13 shooting.

Aaron Rodgers sucking his thumb is slightly NSFW thanks to this slo-mo camera work

Aaron Rodgers sucking his thumb is slightly NSFW thanks to this slo-mo camera work

The magic of television is great! It allows fans to instantly check out replays when something amazing happens. We even have the added bonus of slo-mo to just bask in the beauty of football.

But when exciting things don’t happen, it’s weird — really weird. Take Sunday afternoon’s game, for example. Rather than showing a great pass, the cameras pointed to Aaron Rodgers sucking his thumb. Then, for absolutely no reason, the FOX crew decided it needed the slow motion treatment.

We don’t what this slo-mo is trying to accomplish, but we appreciate sensual Aaron Rodgers.

By ignoring the popular vote, SI is choosing to alienate the massive horse enthusiast demographic and throwing away potentally millions of advertising dollars by failing to satisfy our nations enormous appetite for horse news, pictures, infographics, analysis, and recipes. Shame on them.

Wilco is actualy a perfect description of Flacco and Wilson because I would never pay $50 to see them play even though”experts” keep trying to convince us that there elite.Matter fact he isnt so much rocking this jersey as hes just nodding his head and apprecating good songwriting it.

To do so would be extremely short-sighted on the horses part. Cant imagine Von Miller would of gone down grabbing his leg in order to give the Broncos time to challenge if he knew it would of resulted in John Elway covering him up with a tarp and calling the traner over. But I guess as a society were more interested in coddling our athletes instead of shooting them at the first sign of weakness. Just sad to see whats become of our once great nation.

Kobe shuts it out. He doesn’t believe in cognitive dissonance

Elite Mens Sam Mills Jersey Longtime Lakers fan Bryan Robinson says “there was no feeling like rocking the number 8 gold jersey” and explains why he will forever be a Kobe Bryant.

“Get your ass up. Her getting her ass knocked down is going to do more for the culture, more for the human spirit, than her going her entire career undefeated. People need to see how she handles that, how she deals with that.”

It’s not easy to get past his slogans. “I’ve studied advertising for years,” he says. If he’d gone to college, that’s what he would have majored in. Instead, he says, “I wrote 90 percent of my own commercials.”

When real life doesn’t fit into pithy tag lines or 90-second commercials, Kobe shuts it out. He doesn’t believe in cognitive dissonance. It’s not productive.

For instance, Kobe hasn’t spoken to his parents in nearly three years. Not since 2013, when they tried to auction off his high school memorabilia without his consent.

“Our relationship is shit,” he says. “I say [to them], ‘I’m going to buy you a very nice home, and the response is ‘That’s not good enough’?” he says. “Then you’re selling my shit?”

Church. Workout. Office. Disneyland. In that order. That’s what he was going to do.

His wife and two daughters stayed up with him as long as they could, eating pizza and trying to unwind from an epic final night nobody was entirely sure yet was real.
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After 20 seasons, he was entitled to sleep in. Instead he set his alarm clock, determined to follow the script he had written.

“I’m kind of still in shock,” Kobe says from his living room in Newport Beach.

Sixty points?! On 50 shots?!

the Falcons will look to clean up their mistakes in front of a friendly home crowd

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Keenum had his best game as a pro against the Buccaneers, completing 14 of 17 passes for 234 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Kids Chris Doleman Jersey Wilson has been excellent for the Seahawks in recent weeks. He has thrown at least three touchdown passes and no interceptions in five straight games, while receiver Doug Baldwin has 10 receptions in his last four games, joining Jerry Rice as the only players to accomplish that.

No other player on the Saints roster counted more than $7 million against the salary cap in 2015, while Brees represented a $23.8 million hit. In 2016, defensive end Cameron Jordan is due to carry a $12.8 million hit and safety Jairus Byrd will count as a $10.9 million hit. Former Saints defensive end Junior Galette will count as a $12.1 million hit, despite being released and signed by Washington in the summer.

“It is a possibility he is playing his last game in the Superdome,” Rapoport said on NFL GameDay Morning on Sunday. “He has a $30 million cap figure for next year, and he’s simply not going to play on that. What I am told is do not simply assume he will be back. He will need to take a hometown discount as far as a contract extension to do so. There is some thought on the team that the reason they have depth issues is because Brees maximized his contract last time.”

Brees, 36, has been with the Saints since signing with the team in free agency in 2006 after beginning his career with the San Diego Chargers. In 10 seasons with New Orleans, he has made eight Pro Bowls and led the team to a Super Bowl victory in 2010.

The Saints are close to finishing a 10th consecutive season in the top six of the NFL in total offense with Brees at the helm, but the defense has struggled to improve in recent years. After improving to No. 4 in the NFL during an 11-5 season in 2013, the defense allowed the fifth-most points in 2014 and has given up the most points in the NFL in 2015.