Leonard Fournette makes Jaguars history with impressive debut

Jaguars fans enjoyed a rare moment of bliss Sunday while watching Jacksonville dismantle the Texans 29-7 in Houston.

Rookie running back Leonard Fournette set a Jaguars record by becoming the first player in the team’s history to rush for over 100 yards in his debut.

Beckham injured his ankle in the Giants’ second preseason game against the Browns when cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun hit him just above the right knee as Beckham landed from a leaping attempt to catch a high pass from Eli Manning.

Beckham has not practiced since suffering the injury, though he was seen doing straight-line running while working with a trainer Wednesday and Thursday.

Beckham, 24, caught 101 passes for 1,367 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. It’s the sixth game he’s missed with the Giants — five due to injury and one stemming from a suspension.

Titans: “The running game isn’t working anymore with DeMarco Murray.”

Run-blocking was Tennessee’s huge asset last season, but the team sputtered on the ground, which reined back Marcus Mariota through the air. Murray, who wore down in the second half of last season, looks like the big mileage is catching up to him. It might be time to feature Derrick Henry soon.

Raiders: “Khalil Mack has a big-time defense around him, too.”

Oakland played over its head, given its significant deficiencies at linebacker and in the secondary behind Mack. It will probably look better than it is again vs. the Jets next week.

The most unexpected takeaway from Sunday’s loss to the Ravens was the poor play of Andy Dalton.

Chris Baker is sitting on a bench with some little kid, and they’re both singing along. DeSean Jackson is dancing on the practice field. Everyone is having a great time, because as Gerald McCoy points out, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when that song is on.

And Jameis Winston made up his own lyrics.

“‘If you know what I’m sayin’, Austin Johnson’s gonna be playin’.” Well done, Jameis.

It was a great intro to a great episode. The Bucs finally got to enjoy their new locker room, defensive coordinator Mike Smith said his guys couldn’t stop a marching band, and a bunch of players looked surprised when the cannons fired in Raymond James, even though they do it for every score.

I’m still looking to find someone on a team that projects to score a lot of points and has a solid market share of his team’s red zone looks. I’m just trying to do it on the cheap, and the pricing at DraftKings typically allows for that.

An easy way to quickly identify value is to use the consensus ranking from the experts here at ESPN and then compare them to the price list at DraftKings. If you find someone who’s listed as a top-10 or top-15 player at his position that week but priced way lower than that on the salary list, he is undervalued/mispriced and someone you should definitely target.

The most unexpected takeaway from Sunday’s loss to the Ravens was the poor play of Andy Dalton. Protecting the football has been one of Dalton’s best traits the last two years, but things fell apart on Sunday: 5 sacks, 4 interceptions, a fumble and a 28.4 QB rating. Dalton must play better to turn this thing around.steelers_122

the Celtics fought hard to earn the top seed in the East

Thomas, who had a tooth knocked out by Wizards forward Otto Porter on an incidental play in the first game, needed dental surgery on three teeth Monday. He was not sure he would play in Game 2 and told coach Brad Stevens he was a likely no-go. Thomas had to return to the hospital because of the severity of the postsurgical swelling in his mouth. Worse, Thomas had to wear a mouthguard, and had trouble engaging in his favorite player-to-player dialog because of it.

“I tried, but it wouldn’t let me so I had to take it out,” Thomas said. “I like to talk trash, that’s just the game of basketball, but I had to get used to it. I was stuttering a few times in the first half, I was just — I had to learn how to take it out with my tongue.”

There were hard fouls, like when Al Horford was sent tumbling into the first row after Morris chucked him down in a chase for a rebound — Morris injured his ankle in Game 1 when he landed badly on Horford’s foot after a jump shot, though Morris declined to accuse Horford of trying to hurt him. After the game, though, Morris was vague about whether he was sending Horford a message.

While some teams were resting their stars down the stretch (Cleveland), the Celtics fought hard to earn the top seed in the East. Led by All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas, Boston boasts one of the most versatile lineups in the NBA.

Thomas averaged 28.9 points per game this season while hitting 46 percent of his shots. Quick off the dribble and dangerous from beyond the arc, Thomas has the talent and passion to lead this Celtics team deep into the postseason.

But let’s not forget the Bulls. Winners of seven of their last nine games to squeak into the playoffs, they boast a dangerous squad playing its best basketball. The Bulls have looked like a new team since inserting Rajon Rondo into the starting lineup, and Jimmy Butler averaged 23.9 points per game.falcons_109

Kirk Cousins signs his franchise tag and will likely play for Washington in 2017

Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins signed his franchise tag on Friday morning, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The team placed the exclusive franchise tag on Cousins back on Feb. 28. It’s the second consecutive season the team has placed the tag on Cousins, meaning he will earn nearly $24 million in 2017.

It also virtually guarantees that Cousins will be playing for Washington this upcoming season, despite his earlier desire to go elsewhere:

Kirk Cousins appealed personally to owner Dan Snyder for a trade but was basically told not to get his hopes up, per sources.

A few notes about our top 100 list.

This list, as with any kind of rankings, is subjective. The SB Nation NFL staff worked together to create it. We put a great deal of thought into it, but you will inevitably disagree with it. That’s fine. Save your tweets. We know. This is merely a guide to help the world keep track of which free agents are signing where.

The final salary cap for 2017 has now been set at $167 million. That’s a jump of nearly $12 million over last year’s $155.7 million cap. That’s consistent with the annual bumps we’ve seen since the 2011 collective bargaining agreement went into effect.

We’ll keep this list updated with players who get cut as well as for who’s signing where and for how much. So keep checking back.

OK, enough of the blah blah blah. Let’s get to that list!

One fan says that he was struck by Thiago Motta. His agent denied that report and said that Motta reached out to the fan to get the story straight and make sure he wouldn’t press charges.


Do NFL preseason stats mean anything for running backs?

With one week of the NFL Preseason in the books, you may find yourself belly-up to the bar and realize that you’re not only unrepentantly excited about Ameer Abdullah and his 9.6 yards per carry, but you’re equally as excited about that fifth running back on your team’s depth chart, a Zach Zenner, for instance. You may catch yourself re-calibrating your team’s roster in your mind based on a few exciting preseason runs.

Are you wrong to do this? Do “breakout” preseason performances at the running back position translate to breakout performances once the regular season rolls around? Short answer — it depends.

The San Francisco 49ers underwent a mountain of change this offseason, with a new coaching staff and Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Chris Borland and Anthony Davis all retiring. The first three of those players are defenders, so seeing how the first-team defense plays was of particular interest on Saturday. It went poorly.

It’s worth noting that it wasn’t the complete starting defense, with guys like NaVorro Bowman and Michael Wilhoite sitting out. Still, it wasn’t an encouraging start for a team that has a whole lot to prove this season. San Francisco’s defense gave up big chunks of yardage in Saturday’s game, and that was already a problem last season. They’ll need to make some adjustments heading into their next preseason game.

But you know what? I wont have to post a instantgram about it to brag to the whole world, because the reward for doing the right thing should be internal, you shouldnt have to need 1,000 thumbs up from strangers online when it comes to depriving a kindergartner of a award.

Aaron Rodgers sucking his thumb is slightly NSFW thanks to this slo-mo camera work

Aaron Rodgers sucking his thumb is slightly NSFW thanks to this slo-mo camera work

The magic of television is great! It allows fans to instantly check out replays when something amazing happens. We even have the added bonus of slo-mo to just bask in the beauty of football.

But when exciting things don’t happen, it’s weird — really weird. Take Sunday afternoon’s game, for example. Rather than showing a great pass, the cameras pointed to Aaron Rodgers sucking his thumb. Then, for absolutely no reason, the FOX crew decided it needed the slow motion treatment.

We don’t what this slo-mo is trying to accomplish, but we appreciate sensual Aaron Rodgers.

By ignoring the popular vote, SI is choosing to alienate the massive horse enthusiast demographic and throwing away potentally millions of advertising dollars by failing to satisfy our nations enormous appetite for horse news, pictures, infographics, analysis, and recipes. Shame on them.

Wilco is actualy a perfect description of Flacco and Wilson because I would never pay $50 to see them play even though”experts” keep trying to convince us that there elite.Matter fact he isnt so much rocking this jersey as hes just nodding his head and apprecating good songwriting it.

To do so would be extremely short-sighted on the horses part. Cant imagine Von Miller would of gone down grabbing his leg in order to give the Broncos time to challenge if he knew it would of resulted in John Elway covering him up with a tarp and calling the traner over. But I guess as a society were more interested in coddling our athletes instead of shooting them at the first sign of weakness. Just sad to see whats become of our once great nation.

Bevell had a laugh about Baldwin’s gesture on Wednesday

Earlier failures left the Redskins playing catch-up against a superior team on the road. Gruden swung at an opportunity to regain that advantage. The problem is, when those plays don’t work they look really bad.

The Redskins, at 6-4-1, remain in good position to fight their way into the playoffs. If they get there, one reason will be Gruden’s aggressiveness. It just didn’t help them Thursday.

Bevell had a laugh about Baldwin’s gesture on Wednesday.

“Doug and I have a great relationship, first and foremost,” Bevell said. “I think Doug in his excitement, when he heard the play called in the huddle and knowing that he was going to get an opportunity to make Seahawk history, he was really excited, and he wanted to tell Bev that he was No. 1. And he just messed up a little bit there. If I could inspire him to make that perfect pass, then I’ll go ahead and take it.”

“But it’s going to be important that we get going early. We had three three-and-outs to start the [Redskins] game, but overall on the season, we’ve done a better job of limiting our three-and-outs; we’ve been sustaining drives pretty well.”

Even if the Packers end their losing streak on Monday, they will remain two games out of first place in the NFC North with just five weeks remaining. The Detroit Lions (7-4) moved into sole possession of the division lead after Thursday’s win over the Chris Conley Authentic Womens Jersey Vikings (6-5). The Packers close the regular season with Minnesota at home in Week 16 and at Detroit in the Week 17 finale.

On the next play, Dak Prescott scored on a 6-yard touchdown run to increase the Cowboys’ lead to 24-12 with 10:49 to play.

Bryant caught three of his five passes against Norman, but Chris Jones Authentic Womens Jersey it was Bryant’s fifth catch that was the most important to the Cowboys even if it came against Kendall Fuller. On third-and-9 from the Washington 27 and the Cowboys’ lead down to five points, Bryant lined up in the slot in a three-receiver set.

Feeling some pressure, Prescott rolled to his right. The quarterback could have used his legs to pick up a first down, as he had done plenty of times throughout the game. Even if he didn’t pick up the first down, the Cowboys were sufficiently in Dan Bailey’s field goal range.

The Ravens have heard all week about how the Cowboys have the best offensive line in the NFL

The names up front have changed over the years, from Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams (2000-01) to Haloti Ngata and Kelly Gregg (2006-10) to Williams and Pierce. The staggering low rushing totals, however, have remained the same.

“That’s who we are,” Williams said. “That’s our standard is Brandon Sutter Authentic Jersey stopping the run. You don’t become a Raven if you don’t know how to stop the run.”

The Ravens have held teams to 2.5 yards per carry in the 77 running plays with both Williams and Pierce on the field.

Baltimore has given up 3.5 yards per carry on the 96 running plays when either Williams or Pierce are off the field.

The Ravens have allowed 5.8 yards per carry on the 20 plays with Williams and Pierce both on the sideline.

It would be an oversimplification to label the Ravens’ dynamic run-stopping duo as space-eaters.

“They’re two big guys, but they’re two big guys that are really excellent athletes,” coach John Harbaugh said. “They’re in great shape. They’re explosive. They play hard. They use their hands really well. They can get off blocks.”

Williams and Pierce are the Ravens’ first line of defense Sunday, when the Ravens face Chris Higgins Authentic Jersey their biggest challenge of the season. Elliott is averaging 111.7 yards per game, which is 18.7 yards more than anyone else in the NFL.

Much of Elliott’s success comes up the gut of the defense. He has gained 72.6 percent of his yards in between the tackles.

“He’s a really good back. He’s proven that he can do it,” Williams said. “My biggest thing is his power comes from his offensive line. It’s kind of like, cut the head of the snake.”

The Ravens have heard all week about how the Cowboys have the best offensive line in the NFL. Dallas’ front certainly has a pedigree, with three first-round picks (left tackle Tyron Smith, center Travis Frederick and right guard Zack Martin) who come from big-name schools like USC, Wisconsin and Notre Dame.

It’s a stark contrast to the Ravens’ defensive line. Williams is a third-round pick from Division II Missouri Southern State, and Pierce is an undrafted rookie out of Samford.

A versatile bench allowed Roberts to carry an extra reliever most of the season

So the question now is whether Roberts can turn the necessity of his bullpen use into his very own identity.

“Well I think that obviously with the young players we had and some of the injuries we had, and certain games that were performance driven, changes needed to be made in game, as far as going to the pen,” Roberts said, refuting the suggestion that the heavy bullpen usage was a part of his master plan.

“But I do believe and I am aligned Sammy Watkins Authentic Jersey with our front office in the sense that there are certain spots in each individual game that can really affect an outcome. So to have an advantage hitter versus pitcher makes sense and it is something I know that I believe in.”

A versatile bench allowed Roberts to carry an extra reliever most of the season and the roster alignment was not wasted. In addition to the 3.35 ERA from Seantrel Henderson Authentic Jersey the bullpen, the group also recorded 633 strikeouts, also tops in the majors.

Most amazing of all is that the only reliever with a set role all season was closer Kenley Jansen. Guys such as Joe Blanton (a team-leading 75 appearances), Pedro Baez (73 appearances) and lefty Adam Liberatore (Dodgers record 28-appearance scoreless streak) pulled their weight. Liberatore was finally slowed by injury. Rookie Grant Dayton emerged to take Liberatore’s left-handed innings.

Roberts characterized his extreme use of the bullpen more of a necessity than an identity. Starters were hurt, including staff ace Clayton Kershaw, and finding length from whoever remained proved difficult.

Roberts resembled a conductor each night, working his orchestra from the podium of the pitching mound. Left arm up for rhythm, right arm up for tempo.

It helped Roberts conduct music to the tune of the National League Manager of the Year Award, an honor he received Tuesday. He became the first Dodgers manager to win the honor since Tommy Lasorda (1983, ’88).

Lasorda was also known for his bullpen usage, but in his case it was more the longevity he got from a pitcher each night, not necessarily liberal use. Roberts used his group of relievers like no other manager in baseball history.

His 606 pitching moves this season were an MLB record, getting a big league-leading 590? innings from the group. And Roberts managed it all to a 3.35 ERA from his bullpen, second best in baseball. The relievers helped the Dodgers to ultimately complete 46 comeback victories, second most in the game to the Texas Rangers’ 49.

And the bullpen usage only got more extreme in the postseason, as Roberts leaned heavily on the relievers, taking the club two games from the World Series.

Ross Stripling no-hit bid: April 8 at Giants

Roberts made headlines early in the season, removing rookie Ross Stripling from a game with a no-hitter intact through 7? innings. The Dodgers led 2-0, but the next batter hit a game-tying two-run HR and the Giants won in the 10th. But Stripling was on the heels of Tommy John surgery and had made just one spring training start. Roberts’ caution paid off: Stripling pitched for the Dodgers into the postseason.

By Joel Alderman It be a new experience for the Yale basketball team nex

By Joel Alderman It be a new experience for the Yale basketball team next. While the current squad is concentrating on winning the League title and gaining automatic berth into the NCAA tournament, news has seeped out that the Bulldogs of 1915 make a rare trip to meet up with the crazies of Indoor Stadium. Yes, Yale face national power, Duke. which no doubt Terry Bradshaw Authentic Womens Jersey still be under the helm of, Krzyzewski. The legendary K recently pulled down his 1th career coaching win. Although no official announcement has been made by either school, including when the game take place, Badas of the writes that the match-up has been confirmed by Yale’s head coach, Jones, and assistant director of sports publicity, Tim. addition to playing the Blue Devils, Badas said that Yale face at least two other major challenges against the University Troy Polamalu Authentic Womens Jersey of Southern California and Southern Methodist University. All three be on the opponents’ court, which surely won’t make it any easier. The Bulldogs be subject to the Crazies next. Yale and Duke have things common This be the fourth meeting between Yale and Duke, which have two commonalities. They have little to do with the game of basketball, although one of them deals with the uniforms they wear. Both teams claim blue as their color. Yale’s is more a shade of navy blue, and Duke’s is a, sometimes called, blue. The other thing they share is more academic than athletic. The President of Duke, Richard Brodhead, was a student, professor and administrator at Yale. He received undergraduate degree 1969 and a graduate degree 197After teaching, he became the of Yale College, a post he held for 11 years before he was offered and accepted the position of becoming Duke’s president 2004. Duke, SMU and are rare opponents for Yale their histories of playing basketball, Yale is 0 against Duke and SMU, and lost its only game to. But going against those types of teams is not about winning, although it would be a huge accomplishment from Yale’s perspective to do. We want to challenge ourselves and what warts we have, Jones said. We want to be exposed, and the best way to do that is to play some of the best teams the country; we try to do that each and every year. John Downey, of the present team, feels that part of the reason Jones has been successful League play throughout his career has been his ability to construct a tough schedule. It ensured that we face adversity and get better by the time play comes around. For the time being, current League play is hot and heavy. Next year can wait. But when it arrives, the Carmeron Crazies be there to give Yale the typical Duke welcome that has unnerved some of the best. Should be interesting. The two meet before next year Although Yale’s basketball team be playing at Duke next, those two universities be meeting much sooner another major sport. John Stuper’s Yale baseball team is scheduled to make a stopover during its spring break schedule on March 6th to play the Blue Devils on their campus field Durham, North. Unlike what its basketball colleagues can expect, there probably won’t be any distractions from the crazies at the baseball game. provides commenting to allow for constructive discussion on the stories we cover. order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others. If you inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.