Ben McAdoo says Eli Manning Jersey sloppy on key fourth-and-goal mistake

The New York Giants’ comeback attempt was derailed by what coach Ben McAdoo called sloppy quarterback play by Eli Manning near the goal line in the third quarter of a 24-10 loss to the Detroit Lions on Monday night.

Clearly, he didn’t have any communication with his teammates, Tomlinson said. But also, he didn’t want to talk to his teammates. Sometimes when things are going wrong, as a leader of that team, as a captain, you have to step up and rally the troops. You have to go to the offensive line and say, ‘I know it’s tough, but let’s keep battling, let’s keep fighting.’ You have to go to the quarterback and say, ‘Hey, man, I’m not getting it done today. You have to step it up.’ You have to rally the troops. … They need him to do that because last year, he led the league in rushing. So everybody is looking at him as the top dog. So if you want to be the top dog, you have to do it on and off the field.

When asked about Tomlinson’s accusation, Garrett said, I just think it’s important to be specific about the plays. You evaluate the play. Those particular plays, it was not up to our standard.

I think different guys get ready to play in different ways, Garrett said, and in a game when things aren’t going well, sometimes guys look inward and focus on what they need to do to get themselves ready for their next opportunity.

Elite Womens Pharoh Cooper Jersey Garrett said frustration could have been a reason for Elliott’s lack of effort, but that was not an excuse.

Obviously, he had been very productive as a running back over the course of his career and certainly in the NFL up to this point, Garrett said, and he had a game where he carried the ball nine times for 8 yards, so there’s no question frustration could have set in.

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