Panthers pick *Corn* Elder’s greatest college moment was vs. the *Cornhuskers*

Nebraska was down by 23 points to Miami with 11 minutes left in 2015. That's when the Huskers took the ball on three series and drove 242 yards to score three touchdowns and casually tie the game at 33-33. Quarterback Tommy Armstrong Kids Heath Miller Jersey found receivers Stanley Morgan Jr. and Jordan Westerkamp for a game-tying touchdown and two-point conversion in the last minute – and then the Huskers lo...

There were 10 days of practice from dawn to dusk in the Texas heat to toughen players up.

Lynch, 30, retired after an injury-filled 2015 season simply by posting a photo of two cleats hanging on a wire during Super Bowl 50. During his time away from the NFL, Lynch traveled the globe, hiking the Corsican Mountains in France with Bear Grylls, riding camels in Egypt, and handing out Skittles in Scotland. But the chance to play in his hometown of Oakland was enticing enough to pull the running back out of retirement. He visited the team earlier in April and reportedly told the team ...

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best player in Bucks-Raptors.

There are many good and smart reasons that you can think of for why the Toronto Raptors will beat the Milwaukee Bucks. There’s one reason to think they won’t, and that one exhibited itself in the Bucks’ 97-83 Game 1 win: they don’t have the best player on the floor. Giannis Antetokounmpo was incredible on both ends of the floor as Milwaukee stole Saturday’s game on Toronto’s home floor. Let his stat line do the talking: 28 points on 13-of-18 shooting, eight rebounds, three assists, two steals...

Heres a photo of Giannis Antetokounmpo touching rim and ground at the same time

Hello. Here is a photo of Giannis Antetokounmpo holding onto the rim and touching the ground at the same time: Chris Culliver Womens Jersey I tried to find Antetokounmpos standing reach, but it doesnt appear that the information is online. Even if it were, Antetokounmpo has grown at least two inches since entering the league, and those measurements wouldnt even be correct. More

James started 4-for-4 and finished 6-for-9 from the line in Game 1.

Drew Kaser Limited Jersey James' adjustment to his shot involves staggering his feet, with his left foot a step behind the line, and dipping the ball slightly as he sets up his shot before going into his release. Dayan Viciedo Limited Jersey "I think, just, there's a lot of ways to shoot," Korver, a career 88.0 percent free throw shooter, said at t...

How you should feel about the NHL skipping the 2018 Winter Olympics

And yet, what happens if the NHL and IOC can’t find a good solution in 2022? Not having professional hockey players on the biggest stage in the world feels disingenuous to the sport and its growth. The NHL’s owners clearly don’t like having to be the only major North American professional sports league to stop their season — and their revenue — midseason. Players get injured and impact playoff rosters. The schedule is compacted. More

Their supporting cast is quite talented

Get ready to hear the names of Mark Scheifele and Nikolaj Ehlers for a long time. The pair emerged this season as an offensive threat worthy of mention. Scheifele especially, who has 76 points in 73 games to lead the Jets offense as a 24-year-old. Their supporting cast is quite talented, too, with the likes of Blake Wheeler, Dustin Byfuglien, Bryan Little, and Mathieu Perreault playing big parts in making the Jets offense the eighth-deadliest in the NHL this season. Add some college hockey...

David Ross did a ‘Magic Mike’ routine on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and Anthony Rizzo was scarred for life

Not all is lost, of course. Matz and Lugo could both be back after nothing more than rest and rehab. Blisters can be treated. It might turn out that Wheeler is feeling strong enough that he's not severely limited innings wise. There are plenty of teams that would be happy to be forced into starting Gsellman. The concern is that New York's strength for 2017 was a deep rotation, and now that is compromised. Things can go back to normal for them before too much of the season goes by, but this is ...

He doesn’t know yet if that quarterback is in the 2017 NFL Draft

“Look, I’ve known him since he was a small boy,” said the manager. “I’ve watched him go through the ranks and if I thought that he was a dirty player, I would have never called him up. But this is just part of the game. He’s making tackles. That’s what players should do. We don’t want them to be soft. We want them to be passionate, to be tough, to go in 100 percent of the time. This is what Roy Keane would have done. If you want to say that he’s a dirty player because he’s broken a few legs, s...